RTT, what is the story of it?

  1. I saw a lady carrying RTT in Dubai. Owners how does it compare in size to work and weekender? When was is produced, is it still in production?
    Looked really great to me because of the bottom structure, could carry a computer in it....
  2. Oh i love RTT. I had it in GGH Turq. It has been discontinued. Mine was from 2008. It is almost the same size as Work. I think it will look great on you. You are tall and it is perfect for you.
  3. I have an RTT in Sapphire w/SGH ('08). I know that there are some '07 RTTs out there, but I believe that '08 was the final year for the style.

    It is a sturdy, roomy bag. It has that Brief "look," but because of the structured bottom it can carry a heavier load without looking over-taxed. You could definitely fit a laptop and accessories easily and comfortably. The handle drop is about 7-8"; it can easily fit over a coat.

    I used mine as a carry-on for airline travel and love it. I think that it would be a nice alternative to a Work (roughly the same interior capacity) due to both the structure and the ease of carrying on your shoulder.
  4. I had 2 RTTs but sold them due to the weight and the size.
    I always felt that it was bigger than the work and smaller than the weekender.
    It would be a good weekend/travel bag but personally it was too big for me to use as an everyday bag.
    If I recall , there is a thread that has pictures and comparison photos as well .. if you could find that it would be very useful
  5. Thanks all. more comments appreciated!
  6. ohh you have my hg bag:p

    RTT IS SO pretty !!!i hope to find one soon

    rtt stands for Réduction du Temps de Travail
  7. ...just found a comparison picture from a tpfer ,with a white brief...[​IMG]
  8. I was actually really surpired how fantastic it looked. I really do not know which colour would be good for me, but ggh it must as usual. I really like the structured bottom, as carrying papers and computer will be so much easier than with a work. I am partially interested in RUBY GGH RTT which is currently only ggh I was able to find, not sure though it is the best colour combo for me. But RTT really intrigues me.
  9. Thanks for starting this thread Aarponen. I've always wondered what the differences are as compared to the Brief! Now I do know a little bit more. ;)
  10. Here's a couple of photos of me with my RTT. When I travel, it's crammed full, so that gives you an idea of how well this style retains its shape.

    Especially if you carry around power cords and other peripherals with your laptop, I think that the RTT is a better option for a computer bag than the Work. I love the Work as an everyday bag, but the weight of a laptop/files/etc. definitely challenges the shape.

    Caveat: I am only about 5'2" without heels. :smile:



    (typical trip to the airport - RTT and Courier are barely enough or all of my carry-on junk!)
  11. Thanks Ehemelay, your RTT is beautiful. And it really looks good even when full.
  12. Great thread Aarponen! I too have always wondered about this style. It looks like a very nice alternative to the Work.

    Bag Passion has a Ruby GGH RT.