RTT heart tag charm bracelet 2016

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  1. Hello, I have a question, I bought one return to Tiffany heart tag charm bracelet from a Tiffany and Co. store this last Saturday. I think it's beautiful and I love it but I have read that one of the links is supposed to have T&Co. 925 stamped on it and mine doesn't. I know I shouldn't be concerned about the authenticity because I bought it from their store but I was wondering if anyone else have bought one recently and has noticed the same thing. Mine is the one with the lobster claw not the toggle...
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    When you buy the bracelet with a charm attached to it at the time of purchase, those bracelets don't come with the t&Co. 925 stamp on the links. You will only see that stamp on the links on the bracelet when you buy a link bracelet like the one in the photo below will have the stamp on it that you are talking about. image.png
    In the photo below, the bracelet has the return to Tiffany &Co .925 stamp on the charm that is already attached to the bracelet thus this bracelet will not have any of the links stamped. This is standard for Tiffany.
  3. Oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying that to me.
  4. You're welcome. I have a co worker that his the bracelet that comes without the charm and she was running around telling me that it was a limited edition bracelet. And I knew that it was a standard bracelet for Tiffany.
  6. You've been very helpful, thanks again.:smile:
  7. You're Welcome:wave:
  8. Stamped "T&Co.925" can be found at the middle of the link of RTT tag bracelet
  9. image.jpeg
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  11. image.jpeg