RTT and Escapade???

  1. I searched but couldn't find any, I'm just not sure which bag I got today, RTT or Escapade. I don't have mine on hands now since I'm waiting it to be shipped. So I really need to see some pics, I just hope I didn't pay the escapade price for a RTT hehe.:wtf::p
  2. Here's a pic from matchesfashion.com:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. nevermind...icb beat me to it. ;)
  5. Thank you fiatflux for your pics! I don't know:shrugs:....sound silly right? I don't even know what I bought!!!:shame: But I think 60% RTT, 40% escapade. I have to wait and see the #s on the tag.:rolleyes:
  6. Thanks for this close-up! Now I can see mine is totally different from this one in the pic! So offically....The bag I got today is an Escapade!!!yAY...:yahoo:Thank you!!!
  7. I love the RTT stuffed to the brim - it looks stunning full!
  8. FF!~ I can't wait to see urs! How exciting!!!
    Does anyone have a picture of the escapade then? :confused1:
  9. That is sooo cute... I love it. :smile:
  10. Here is a black one http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/spy-pics-of-the-escapade-from-neimans-sf-168310.html

    but it looks way too huge in the pics. Personally I don't think escapade is bigger than weekender, I think we is a little bit too bag already, so I wouldn't buy a even bigger one esp for everyday use, right? And I think I was awake when I bought it,hopefully hehe:biggrin:
  11. If you have one, tell you how you like it! Do you use it for traveling or just a normal handbag? Also, anybody willing to help me out with getting a bbag???
  12. Is the escapade the same as the Giant RTT?
  13. I don't think so. The escapade is supposed to be bigger than the weekender!
  14. Try searching. I am sure that someone posted photos. Can't remember what the thread was called.
  15. I bought one last month but returned it. Here are some pics I took. IMO, it's a nice bag for travel and good for the days you need to carry a lot stuff. I'm 5'9" tall, so the bag doesn't look too huge on me, but it's big. I just feel too tired to carry it, too heavy when you put a lot stuff in. Good luck!:wlae:
    IMG_5924.jpg IMG_5922.jpg IMG_5925.jpg