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  1. I'm kind of panicking. I took my 2 month old into the hospital this morning becuase he had a fever, stuffy, nose, and cough. Turns out he has RSV. My husband came home with a cold last week and gave it to the other 2 kids and me. So as much as I tried to keep it away from the baby, it didn't happen. I'm really worried. Th Dr's say it's mild and his lungs are clear but my other 2 never got sick before 4 or 5 months. I feel so bad for him. Has anyone delt with this at all? I'm really terrified I'm going to end up having to take him back in.
  2. Not just like what you are going through, but we've all had colds and flu at one time or another. Did the doctor give you a plan to follow?

    Keep them warm and dry, NO asparin (risking Reyes Syndrome) plently of water and juice, NO milk or milk products, but you can't beat chicken noodle soup or chicken broth to give them strength! Jello is good too! Also, take their temp every couple hours and record it. Should you haveto take one of the patients back to the hospital, it's good to have an accurate record of the fevers.

    And you get some rest too! I so feel for you, it's rough when they are babies.
  3. Our 4 month old got pretty sick at 2 months and I was a wreck as well. He had bronchitis and we needed to put him on albuterol. It was awful!!! Try having him sleep elevated, use drops and bulb aspirator on his nose, and a humidifier as well. Best of luck, I feel for you!!!!
  4. That's exactly what I'm doing. Dr.gave me pedialyte too. He's drinking it like crazy. Thank goodness he seems to breath clearly when he's elevated! I just can't stand to see the little guy feeling like this:sad:
  5. ^^I know, I was calling the Dr. every is really horrible. There's also a bath that you can try that smells like Vicks and helps with the congestion. I think the worst was the cough. I didn't sleep for a week while little one was going through it. Hang in there...and he'll eventually be okay, even thought it doesn't seem like it!!!
  6. RSV is pretty serious respiratory virus if not caught and treated right away. It's recommended that preemies or any babies w/ compromised immune systems be pretty much isolated inside most of the season.
    How's he doing now?
    Here's some info:

    Sounds like you caught it in time, I hope he feels better soon :flowers:
  7. If u caught if early enough.....Its a very good thing.Im a respiratory therapist and used to deal with infants that had it pretty severe......U r lucky u caught it early..Please feel free to PM me if u need advice!!!
    Its a seasonal thing unfortunately.....and THIS is the time of year it is prevalent!
  8. My son was born at 29 weeks, and I've been living in a bubble with him pretty much since he came home from the hospital. (I've left our house only 2x in December so far. And even then it was for less than an hour for appts.) He also gets synagis, which is a $1,000 shot to help prevent RSV every month from October till April.

    RSV is like my worst nightmare right now, so I really feel for what you're going through! I so sorry that your baby caught it, and I hope everything works out well for you and your family. My only piece of advice is that you do not hesitate to call your doctor or take your baby to the ER if you feel that he is getting worse at any point... because your baby is so young he has an immature immune system so he may need 24/7 medical care if it worsens. (I've been through many hospitalizations, so PM me if you have any questions.)
  9. WEll we went back to my Dr. for his follow up on Christmas eve, and she decided she wanted him admitted even though it was mild, So we spent Christmas EVE and Christmas day for the most part in the hospital. He is home now though and doing much better. Eating well again and no more fever. He cough is more mild. Still has to go back to the Dr. again on Saturday. Hopefully we can get over this quickly. It's exhausting me too.