RR Logo bags, what's the brand name? Spanish fashionista's please help! :)

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  1. I saw supercute bags at El Corte Ingles (a large wharehouse) last time I was in Spain. They were boston-type bags and sort of Neverfull style bags with coated canvas and I believe they had RR logo all over it.

    Now the shop assistant at that floor told me it was a spanish brand from Madrid and she told me the name (I don't even think the RR made sence relating to the brand name). And at that time I thought I would look it up later. But ofcourse I forgot the name, the wharehouse was not closeby to go back to and even google can't seem to help me out.

    So please help me! Does anyone know this brand? What's it called and is it available online somewhere or only in El Corte Ingles? It was a brownish coated canvas with large RR logo all over and some had pink or green trimmings.

    Any help is much appreciated!:flowers:
  2. I believe the brand is Rioni Aristo.

  3. Thanks Vanilje!

    I'm not 100% sure it really is the same brand I saw as I haven't been able to find the same style I saw in the shop. In my memory de R's were bigger and now I'm not sure if there was one backwards/on it's head as well.

    Any chance there is another brand using the R's as logo?

    Or I just really need to get back to Spain soon :biggrin:
  4. I've been looking at the Rioni bags. Some of them are really cute too, thanks for that tip! I love that they have a black canvas line. I think the brown line is a bit too much like LV. But I actually don't think this is what I saw, because I keep reading everywhere this is an italian brand. The brand I saw was from Madrid, Spain.

    So I guess I'm still looking?
  5. All I can find is Loewe - their logo is pretty elaborate, could it possibly be?
  6. No it's definately not Loewe, but thanks for thinking with me!

    I don't think Loewe has an R in it's logo, just the 4 L's in a square. :smile:
  7. It might just be a case of a bag maker imitating others and putting the letters RR on its products to keep any piracy claims at bay. I've seen the same sort of bags, in classical LV styles and MC material and coloring but with letters "CC", "R", "MN" etc printed on the canvas.
  8. ^I know what you mean, but in that case it wouldn't sell at El Corte Ingles, they only sell quality brand names. I do agree it is another case of very much inspired by other high end labels.

    But that's what Michael Kors and Dooney and Bourke for example do as well...
  9. Why don't you call them and inquire? Rioni is actually US brand, but the leather is sourced in Italy, from what I hear. The bags are then assembled in China. The quality is top notch.
  10. I might do that^ ;) but.....

    I actually fell for the black boston bag of Rioni now. I've been wanting a LV speedy again for a while and just waited and waited because I wasn't sure I'd like another mono or brown bag. But after seeing the black canvas of Rioni I just decided this would perfectly match my style, as I prefer black bags. And I love that they too have the R's as logo. :smile:

    So I guess I'll just check out the bags I saw at El Corte Ingles next time I get there, hehe...:biggrin:
  11. Soooo...... went ahead and ordered the black Rioni Boston. I love it! I started using it right away. Thanks for the advise ladies, this RR logo bag will do for now! :tender:

  12. Very nice find! Congrats!:smile:
  13. Thanks Maria! I really like it. If I still like it in a while I might even add some luggage pieces to it :smile:
  14. I have this same bag in light brown and I love it. Rioni used to have a logo bag with bigger Rs all over it but I don't think they have that design anymore. I think they discontinued it. I wonder if that's what you saw, but like you said, they're not a Spanish brand, so maybe not.
  15. Correct, they've discontinued the Aristo line. They can be found here and there online, but if you try to buy them, you may find they're not available anyway. They do come up on ebay pre-owned from time to time. I have one in brown, and though I found it ugly in the beginning, I changed my mind when the vachetta darkened significantly. The tonal variation between the canvas and vachetta really looks good now. I tried to buy a few smaller pieces in Aristo recently, but ended up with Signature instead.