Roz has the sand Edith

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  1. Yes. Is the sand different from the chamois? This color in the leather is not doing it for me. And the zipper fabric. By the way, what is the deal with the HUGE zipper pull? I still love the whiskey, though. And the blue (LVR has the zipper tote in turquoise now), and maybe the grey. Still waiting to see the chocolate.
  2. The colors are similiar, but I remember the chamois looking more textured in colors. The sand looks really flat to me, but I can't imagine them putting the two colors so close either, so I don't know.

    Also, my first thought was that the bag was fake, but I find that someone with so much feedback wouldn't be doing something like that. I have no idea though... probably why I don't ebay.
  3. She is supposed to be the reputable seller on eBay! If we can't trust her, who can we trust? But when I was looking on Google for a picture of the chocolate Edith (which I still have not found, sorry:sad2:smile: I did find an iOffer post with the Edith. It's just sad. Looks like they made it out of a 70s couch. Ick.:sick: