Roz has 2 of the new paddy colours!!

  1. So, I was just doing my usual daily Paddy rounds on eBay, lol, and saw that Roz has listed 2 new 06 colours. One is what she calls "aubergine" which looks very much like metallic anthracite to me but with slight purplish tones in the light, and the other is "orange". That one photographs similar to the whiskey colour but then again my whiskey Paddy always looked more orange in pics than IRL.


  2. ^^^ Sue, that orange looks so much like our whiskeys doesnt it? Hmmm, cant wait to see the other colors...I just checked LVR and nothing new yet...
  3. Oh wow... I think the aubergine is pretty sweet... :heart: I can see a lot of purple on the color, in my monitor. Not sure about the orange :hrmm: whiskey is so much nicer & richer IMO.
  4. Ya, they do look like anthracite and whiskey. I so wanna see a side by side pic.
  5. Yes, I see anthracite and whiskey.

    My anthracite paddy (which I sold) always had a lot of purple undertones when it was in the sunlight. I had one of the the first anthracites and I always contend one of the best in regards to color/leather, :cry: .

    Anywho - these 2 bags look like bags we all have seen.
  6. Not really feeling the aubergine. The orange looks just like my tan paddy (the '06 tan colour).
    I am so hoping they bring the paddy out in a bright red. MMmmmmmm!
  7. ^^Yeah, I was just going to say that the Orange looks exactly like the latest Tan. I was surprised that they even called that one Tan at all! Maybe they just renamed it?
  8. Chloe*Starlet - the paddy did come in Red this time last year. I think I saw an authentic one on ebay very recently too...
  9. I was expecting something more purplish for the aubergine... They definitely look like anthracite and whiskey to me too.
  10. Was that the one that was a quite dark red (I think it was called 'bordeaux'?). I am wanting a bright fire engine red! I'm gonna go and check on ebay now though! :flowers:
  11. my anthracite looks just like that. I like the grey lining though.

    I hope they have a non metallic lighter grey, I really want a grey mini but I dont want one that looks almost identical to a bag I already have.
  12. ^ Thanks for the link Missbradshaw, that is a stunning colour, but too small. I like the regular size paddy. I wish I didn't like the paddington so much. I only have 2 but want at least another 3!
  13. oh yes sorry that is the mini one...

    haha what do you have already?
  14. I want the aubergine!!! And it would be nice if it could be pictured side by side with the Anthracite. And the same with the Orange and Whiskey! They all look so similar. Thanks for the update Sue (I've been MIA and now I feel so behind!).