Royalty & their Jewelry

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    Here is a necklace in diamonds and emeralds designed by Boucheron for the Maharajah of Patiala. In 1928, the king walked into Boucheron's Place Vendome flagship with 7,571 diamonds, 1,432 emeralds, and countless other precious stones, to commission 149 jewellery pieces in a single day.

    Till today, this has been the most incredible order ever placed at Boucheron.
    The sketch and the set
    maharaja of patyala[Boucheron sketch of a necklace in diamonds and emeralds, designer for the Ma.jpg royal-accessories8-650_031512031716.jpg
  2. The famous Baroda Diamond and Emerald Necklace
  3. Princess Brinda Rai of Kapurthala
    brinda rai of kapurthala.jpg
  4. Wonderful photos Aristrocrat! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing real, good ol' fashion glamour!

    Made for a beautiful morning :smile:
  5. Happy that you liked it :smile::smile::smile:
  6. Maharaja of Patiala's Turban Aigrette
  7. Two turban pins of Maharaja
    maharajan turban pin (1).jpg maharajaTurban-Jewels.jpg
  8. Extraordinary story. Thank you for sharing, aristocrat. :flowers:
  9. Engraved Emerald Necklace Owned By Maharaja of Nawanagar
  10. Maharaja Digvijaysinhji of Nawanagar
    His Diamond Aigrette in form of a flying bird of a flying bird with hundreds of diamonds
    smaragd-maharaja.jpg mahrajah-on-nawanagar-former-cricketing-legend.jpg
  11. 18th century raw diamond necklace featuring an astonishing emerald with pearls and rubies Owned By Mughal Emperor Shajahan
    mughal necklace.jpg
  12. Royal Bride
  13. :cool::biggrin:
  14. ^I love burmese rubies! it's wonderful to hear that Kerala has such historical respect for women.

    ^that necklace is a work of art! I wish we had more pictures (I know you said indian royalty didn't take many pictures). his "crown" is fabulous too.

    ^how beautiful! she looks lovely in that vivid shade of green.
  15. Maharaja Harinder Singh of FaridKot