Royalty & their Jewelry

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  1. This thread is so fun! Diana's emerald choker is TDF!
  2. Here are some photos of the only tiara I have seen the Duchess of Windsor wear. I think it is one of my favorite tiaras, and if for some reason I were to ever wear a tiara, this would be the first to come to mind. I love that it is so simple and understated. However, the one occasion for which I would even consider wearing a tiara would be for my wedding, and I'm not sure if the dark stones would look good for the occasion. Maybe it could work, since I have dark hair...

    I'm posting also the Cartier bib necklace (holy...).

    The last piece is a 18k gold gem-set cigarette case, also by Cartier, that Wallis gave the Duke for Christmas in 1935. The front of the case is engraved with a map of Europe. The inscription inside reads “David from Wallis Christmas 1935″ and commemorates some of the holiday trips they took together. I love her handwriting in the engraving – so beautiful! The routes are enameled and each special location is represented by a cabochon gemstone.

    I think this cigarette case idea is so brilliant and romantic, and hands down the most beautiful and special cigarette case I have ever seen.
    tiara Wallistiara.jpg tiara and necklace Wallisintiara.jpg tiara and necklace duwind071.jpg tiara and necklace wallis e8aa8b0e3f7900188bfe9b9a2abad932.jpg cartier-windsor-bib-drawing.jpg cartier-windsor-7a.jpg 3042469.jpg cigarettecaseWindsor_Cartier%20Gold%20and%20Gem-Set%20Cigarette%20Case%20-%20A_ss_full.jpg Jewels+Formerly+Owned+Duchess+Windsor+Auctioned+A_A_Q749D5Qx.jpg cigcase-inside-500x430.png
  3. OMG...that bib is incredible! I absolutely love amethyst & turquoise together. the center amethyst is quite a nice chunk. :graucho:

    that is a beautiful & understated tiara. I think you could wear it if you have dark hair. see how the onyx (I'm assuming) blends into wallis' hair when she's wearing it? that cigarette case is just so cool. they had some skills in giving personal jewelry gifts, didn't they?
  4. I think Cartier used to make tiaras that were convertible into a necklace / bracelets... I think Wallis' tiara would make a beautiful necklace too! I've never been a big fan of 'black' stones/jewels, but this tiara has changed my mind.

    Here are the two tiaras Princess Diana famously wore:

    Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara, given to Diana as one of many wedding gifts from the Queen, and the Spencer Tiara. The earrings Diana wore at her wedding (love!) belong to her mother, and were her 'something borrowed.' [oops! edit: they belonged to her mother. Her mother passed away in 2004.]
    the-1913-version-of-the-cambridge-lovers-knot-tiara-with-the-spikes-removed.jpg mary-and-elizabeth-ii-in-the-cambridge-lovers-knot.jpg Princess-Diana-Beauty.jpg tumblr_max0pjlXqd1rr4m8io1_500.jpg princess-di-clk-tiara.png lady_diana_naomi_watts_chopard_film_diana_819507441_north_545x.jpg 1981-07-29--CloseUpPortrait.jpg diana weddingdraft_lens7914101module161069438photo_1345063896aa.jpg.png 543495_365103606883508_298965119_n.jpg tumblr_mhsajevom31qk6klgo1_500.png
  5. One of my favorite looks of all time -
    Princess Diana in Thailand in 1988. Her jewels for the evening: pearl earrings, silk orchids, and her beautiful blue eyes :smile:

    also, one of my favorite Duchess of Cambridge moments (which reminds me a lot of Diana's Thailand look). I believe she is wearing a grass skirt and a crown that the Tuvalu people made for her out of flowers. Ahh she is too adorable!!
    OD-AR945_HAIRCL_OZ_20120606131120.jpg 3945583.jpg HotShots_Mar22_Princess-Diana-dresses_01.jpg cci10032012_00006.jpg 155219_416327918427743_1250639609_n.jpg 76836_416327571761111_612629017_n.jpg 298382_416327661761102_900965014_n.jpg
  6. The Cambridge tiara is TDF :love:
  7. it is a beautiful tiara! I love seeing specific pieces worn by all the different princesses and queens. I haven't seen any color photographs of Queen Mary, but we have all seen color photos of the current queen wearing various jewels. As beautiful as the jewels are, I feel like they just come alive when Diana wears them! All the pieces in the Queen's collection are all stunning, no matter who wears them, but in my opinion they just sparkle a little brighter on Diana. :tender:
  8. ^the tiara with drop pearls is striking for sure (I love pearls), but I prefer the tiara she wore on her has the rounded lines that I prefer. the earrings she's wearing with that blue dress are fabulous.

    ^teardrop pearl earrings are one of my most favorite dramatic earrings! I love the flowers in both diana's & catherine's hair.
  9. Ohhh! I ordered the book "Famous Jewelry Collectors" and it just arrived today! In it there is a section on the Duchess of Windsor, and this picture that I posted is in the book, with the following caption:

    "She is wearing her emerald bead and diamond necklace/tiara by Cartier, Paris, as a head ornament."

    describing a closeup of the tiara (the same closeup photo i posted a few days ago): "An emerald bead and diamond necklace that was made for stock by Cartier, Paris, in 1949. The Duchess's was made the same year with her own emeralds, the diamonds supplied by Cartier. Hers was mounted with a special fitting which enabled her to wear it also as a diadem."

    so I guess those black beads are just very dark colored emeralds! and the original Cartier design was a necklace but the Duchess asked to specifically have hers convertible into a tiara.

    edited to add: I just received the book about 10 minutes ago, but so far it looks excellent. There is a lot in the book on the Duchess that I hadn't found before during my highly extensive online research haha!
    tiara and necklace Wallisintiara.jpg
  10. The infamous Duchess of Cambridge's wedding tiarra
  11. I love her earrings.
  12. The most famous pearl necklace is the 2 strand Baroda pearl necklace
    It is made of 68 graduated natural pearls, all matched to color, luster, size and shape. It is assembled from the original 7 stranded pearl necklace owned by the Maharaja of Baroda.
    bbbp.jpg 250px-Baroda_Pearls.jpg
  13. ^incredible. I really need to buy some books too. I'd read them over & over & over. the royal jewelry is just so dreamy :heart:

    ^that lace is just gorgeous.

    ^I love pearls.
  14. Indore pear diamonds
    Maharaja of Benares
    Nizam's Turban Pin
    pear.jpg maharaja of beneras.jpg head gear.jpg