Royalty Is Not Immune From Stupidity

  1. Linley daughter clings on for dear life during rush hour school ride

    25th September 2006

    [​IMG] Dangerous: Lord Linley weaves in and out of traffic on a bike with his daughter clinging to his coat tails.


    Just because a child is born into the Royal Family, it doesn't mean she has to be mollycoddled.
    But Viscount Linley's method of taking his four-year-old daughter to school seemed hardly befitting for a girl who is 14th in line to the throne.
    The Hon Margarita Armstrong-Jones had to cling desperately to Daddy's coattails while his foldaway bicycle dodged through rush-hour traffic on the King's Road in West London.
    The 44-year-old son of the late Princess Margaret looked far from steady as he balanced his daughter's school bags on the handlebars.
    As for Margarita, she perched on what appeared to be a paper rack, barely above the height of the back wheel.
    A passer-by said he was astonished to see the royal procession. "I could hear him saying to his daughter, 'Hold on tightly, hold on tightly' all the way."
    The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said it was "both illegal and dangerous" to carry more than one person on a bike not designed for that purpose.
    So-called "double riding" can be punished by a fine of up to £2,500 in exceptionally dangerous cases.
    A spokesman for Lord Linley, who is said to be worth £27million, said he had a British-made Pashley Sovereign bicycle on order - complete with regulation child seat.
    "His little girl has just started school and he takes her every day.
    "They are encouraged not to drive because it causes huge traffic congestion so bicycling or walking is the best option. "This is a short-term measure until he gets a new bicycle."
  2. Ok... that picture just looks outright dangerous. However, if it was done in safe manner, I would find it completely touching. The thought was great, the execution completely dismal. She definitely looks like she's holding on to dear life!!
  3. Your thread title put it perfectly Prada. Yikes!
  4. My God what an idiot this man is!! Seriously he should be visited by law enforcement and told that if he ever puts his child in danger like this again - they will remove her from his care.

    Some people are just too stupid to be trusted with the care and safety of children. Peggy