Royalty Fashion Thread

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  2. Official site of the BRF/Dailymail

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  3. Well done!!! Love the name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. It is simply perfect. :love:
  4. Love the name!
  5. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Charlotte is modern, Elizabeth is for QEII as well as the Duchess' middle name and Diana, no need to explain. Love it!!
  6. King Carl Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden met asylum seekers today.

    Victoria looks a little messy today.

  7. Ugh. Messy and so unstructured. Lose the jacket!!
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    Fashion ID: Letizia's top and trouser and purse by Hugo Boss


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  11. Queen Mathilde of Belgium opens the 2015 Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition today.

  12. Charlotte is not really a modern name! My mother's name was Charlotte - she was born in 1920!
  13. True. However, classic names are becoming the new modern. :smile:
  14. Charlotte is french feminine of Charles, it is also pippas name so they covered all bases.
  15. Mathilde!! love this color on the top....the bottom of the dress is a bit edgy, but an interesting design choice.

    Vic....shiny clothes just don't photograph well. Maybe it looks better in person.

    Great photos, LoveH