Royal vs. Iris vs. Navy Luxe vs. Nautical Blue vs. Lapis

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  1. Booooo
  2. OMG, this is killing me, I really want to see them in person!!
  3. Here are some pics of lapis MAM, navy luxe Nikki, Iris MAM in the sunlight.
  4. ^^That is TOTALLY bag art :p You should add it to the bag art thread with th eother gorgeous pics of your bags!
  5. Beautiful blues!!!

    A question regarding Lapis: Is it a bright enough blue that it still gives a pop of color? It looks like it definitely does in the sun and with a camera flash, but I'm wondering about shade and indoor lighting. Would you mistake it for black?
  6. Its a very rich blue, i don't think you could mistake it for black at all. In the sun, its definitely more of a royal blue, where as indoors its a rich navy.
  7. Thanks for your reply, Desi. I am really having trouble deciding on this one! Some shades of navy look pretty lifeless, which is what I am trying to avoid. "Rich navy" does sound pretty though.
  8. ^^Lapis is one of RM's best blues EVER..... and i've owned *almost* all of them at some time and point. If you're in the market for blue, LAPIS IS IT!