Royal Venetas

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  1. [​IMG]
    Source : BV website

    Aren't these just divine? They are called Royal Venetas from the new fall/winter catalogue. The three on the left are the new size Maxi Venetas in Blonde, Noce and Carmine. The one on the right is prob a large, in Corallo.

  2. I know...I know...the Fall catalogue just leaves me speechless! Do you know if they will be making the maxi size in the classic colors?
  3. ok, so what is the deal with them - the maxi is larger than the large I'm assuming...right? and the colors are varieted and is there a print (embossing) on the leather? I haven't been up on the fall stuff yet...give me the details! thanks!!!
  4. I love them! The grey and white one is the hottest!
  5. Wowza!
  6. oh no - I want this noce one NOW.... gorgeous gorgeous
  7. omg
    I want the two at the right :sad:
  8. I really like the Noce and Carmine.
  9. Wow......they are lovely
  10. I really LOVE the weave on these ones. Delicate yet intricate! The noce one looks the best!
  11. I don't think they are embossed... they are embroidered with thin strips of leather.
  12. embroidered...:nuts: amazing, just amazing!!
  13. OMG I *have* to have to the Carmino one!!
  14. OMG... those are amazing!
  15. I want to see these IRL. Has anyone seen them in a store yet? Chicago didn't have them last week. The shade variations fascinate me.