Royal Linear Stud - Roadie or Darling?

Which Royal bag?

  • Linear Stud Darling?

  • Linear Stud Roadie?

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May 19, 2006
SUN-shine-y island
I love the colour, Royal & also love the Linear Studs. I love the Darling but have the PH Darling & Ebony Fringe. I have 2 other Royal bag but both are Bright Royals, a studded rocker & the MAM with Brown BW. I don't need another Royal but I love blues. I am not a messenger bag person & have not seen a Roadie but have always wanted one but other bags always took priority. How practical is the Roadie if I choose to side sling it all the time? Will it slide off? Should I just go with tried & tested Darling?



Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
F- I really like the roadie but it doesn't work crossbody for me (i'm 5'6, not THAT tall but it still sits really high on me). The only thing that annoys me is that I can only wear it on the shoulder and the strap isn't adjustable. The roadie would probably be my favorite style if the strap was adjustable so I could make it work crossbody AND make it work hobo style.

Where did you see the royal darling? i've only seen it in the rocker, flame, and roadie. I've only seen black and ivory in the darling :nuts:


May 19, 2006
SUN-shine-y island
Thanks C! That is my biggest worry too, that it sits too high. I am not tall 5'2" but I can imagine the rocker sitting really weird cross body. Also if I sling it, it would be too low. Arrrggghh such a cute bag & I think it just might not work for me.

The Darling is TDF, even the SO says so & he always refuse to partipicate in my bag options saying OK OK OK all the time. Here it is,

I am trying to keep my numbers per bag style low...guess I have to sit on it a little more.


Nov 24, 2007
by the sea
I voted Roadie. I have so much love for the Roadie right now and I think the linear stud one is beautiful! I just got my first one and I love this style and the size is perfect, I think it holds about the same as a MAM, but easier to wear. Yes, the only drawback to this bag is the nonadjustable shoulder strap. If it doesn't hit you right, it may not work. I find it hits me perfectly when worn hobo style (I'm 5'8"), which is how I wear it, but a bit short crossbody, so I find I only wear it crossbody when I have to, like to chase my 2 year old, lol!

I love the Darling too, but to me the linear stud Darling fails, mostly due to the studs only being on one side. I like the original Darling with the middle zipper that gives the bag a nice cinch.


Nov 18, 2006
I voted for the roadie. I don't think this style gets enough credit...I love it :smile: Also, I bought the linear stud darling in black and in my opinion the studs are just too much (and that's saying a lot...I LOVE studs). I think the roadie has a nice balance between studs and leather, I may have to get one too :smile:


Dreamer of dreams
Feb 27, 2008
I love the roadie....voted for it. It's a fun bag to carry, and can go cross body if need be, but I generally just wear it on the shoulder.


Bruno Von PepFried<3
Jan 3, 2009
I say go for what works already. I'm team Darling. I think it's gorgeous with the linear studs especially in Royal. To help fund it put one of your others up for adoption. That kills 2 birds with one stone, the $ issue and having too many in one style. Just my opinion. Good luck!


~ Michelle ~
May 29, 2008
I seriously did not know the Darling was coming out in Royal. . . wish there was a non-studded one. . .


Ziva & Tony
Sep 3, 2009
Where it rains and rains...
I vote Roadie, though I love the Darling too. I just ordered the Royal Roadie from LB yesterday, and it has already shipped. I am 5'4", and cross body it works great, that is how I always wear it! I think in this case the Linear Stud Darling is too busy, and much prefer the Roadie. I will post pictures as soon as mine arrives, but it will be about a week since I'm in Seattle and its coming from Boston via Ground...