Royal Ladies fashion thread

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  2. I am not a fan of polka dots
  3. I love polka dots! But thag dress.. ehhhh not my kinda polka dots
  4. I think those are embroidered flowers not polka dots.
  5. Yup, they're hibiscuses - the official flower of Malaysia.
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    Letizia attends "V de Vida" awards at Criculo de la Amistad .

    This looks like a tenis outfit to me. The combination of fabrics is odd. I also don't get that extraneous pocket at her hip. Still, I like it! It's cute, brightly colored and fun!



  7. With a 2nd look I'll amend my first impression of Clotilde's dress. I like the idea; wish the back wasn't quite as a low. As always, the messy hair bugs me.

  8. wow that is one spicy dress!
  9. I can see her butt, thank you.
  10. lovely! can someone id her shoes?
  11. i agree, love both looks for the Duchess.
  12. I have noticed that Letizia & Catherine's outfits are picked apart by everyone more than other royals. I wonder why? Comments today about Catherine's dress with the waist supposedly too high, the evening dress with polka-dots, which were actually hibiscus,etc. Letizia: complaints about drab colors she wears. Almost forgot, Princess Victoria: comments about why she wears her hair in a ponytail.

    Is there some reason that these three ladies are scruntinized so doggedly?

    I also don't understand about Charlene.

    This is strictly an observation, nothing more! lol
  13. i like the dress for the event. yes, she plays it safe but i don't blame her. i think she will grow into her roll more as time passes and hopefully become more comfortable in her own skin and play it less safe.
  14. Magrit
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    I think those ladies can sometimes get in a rut and people point them out.

    I'm still rooting for Charlene to embrace her role as Princess of Monaco.
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