Royal Caribbean

  1. anyone been on a royal caribbean cruise?! im going aug. 19th on the enchantment of the seas, im so excited. any cruise stories? :P
  2. I've taken a cruise on Royal Caribbean years ago. I went with a girlfriend on a three night Mexico trip. It was the best vacation ever. The accomodations were wonderful. I've always recommended this cruise line to family and friends.

    Have a great trip. Where are you going?
  3. I've been on that ship. We have sailed Royal Caribbean twice, and it is our preferred cruise line. Actually, last year we took a short cruise on the Disney Magic, and that was a fabulous ship! But the itineraries are limited so that's out for frequent sailing.

    In my experience, the RC ships have been very clean, and the food has been good/great. Every ship in every cruise line has its own character, especially when it comes to the food. I remember the food on that ship being very good, and the waitstaff was outstanding. I wish you a fabulous vacation!
  4. Hi travis! I took my first cruise with Royal Caribbean 2 years ago to Europe. Our ship was the Splendour of the Seas. It was a fantastic trip, but the only thing to really watch out for is to make sure you get back to the ship in plenty of time before it sails out for its next destination.
    When we went, it was in October and very rainy in Italy. The roads were flooded, and the trains that we were supposed to take to get back to the port were not running.
    A lot of people were in our situation (from our ship as well as others), and it was a mess!! Someone in the group had contact with the ship, and they informed us that it would wait for the stranded passengers for as long as possible - up to about 9pm. After that time, it had to go.
    Everyone was fighting for cabs, and we were fortunate enough to grab the last one. We were literally the last passengers to board before they rolled up the walkway...It was a very stressful moment, and we were very lucky to make it back in time.
    But...onto the good points! Our room was clean (though it took me a while to get adjusted to the tiny bathroom!). Our cabin attendant and server for our dinners were very friendly. And the meals!! You can order anything from the menu and as much as you want!! One night, I couldn't decide between the chicken or the steak, so our server suggested, "Get both!". And I did! :shame:
    All in all, it was a very positive experience and I would go again if given the chance. (In fact we are planning to go again this October...)
  5. i've been on a ncl (norwegian cruise line) cruise. not really sure if this is a common thing (my friends did all the research) but we were "freestyle cruising" where we got to eat whenever in our individual tables. apparently most cruises make you eat at a set time and seat you with strangers? anyway, it was so much fun!! i got a bit motion sick the first night... but it was def worth it. can't wait to go again!! have fun!!