Royal Blue Hidden Chain????

Jan 6, 2008
Toronto, Canada
Ok, personal shoppers on ebay has some weird style in the beautiful blue colour in the hidden chain but has anyone seen it in the flap version or bigger tote in stores yet?? Or know when to expect them?? I'm dying for this blue colour in my life :smile:
Jan 10, 2006
You didn't post a link, but I was on the waitlist for a royal blue hidden chain but it was way too small for my liking. Came in to Houston NM about 3 weeks ago. Very bright royal blue. Do not think that NM got it in another style (there were 3 sizes) only the smaller one (and they only got 1).


Apr 7, 2007
I special ordered the flap vesion in the royal blue from my local chanel store & I also thought it was too bright. Instead I bought the same bag from saks in the dark blue (navy color). Chanel stores have the style you saw on ebay in royal blue, white, and black.