Roxy's here!!

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  1. :yahoo:

    This is the perfect end to my Mulberry collection, I love this bag so much!! thank you so much Jenova - without your help she wouldn't be in my living room right now :tup: And to Flossie, Sarajane, BC and all of you told me to stick with oak, it is gorgeous!!

    Right this is going to sound weird but it's not often I can say that something material can take me back to a time, place and a person - but this bag does, filled me with a bit of emotion when I put it on this morning- the style, the colour, the leather has taken me back to a memory in the 70's as a child, a precious memory, it's strange because I only saw the connection when it arrived today. I feel like this bag was made for me somehow.

    Anyway ramblings aside, if only you could see my face in the modelling photos, I am so excited :P:nuts:

    So here she is, my lovely a4 roxy in oak - sorry the photos don't do her any justice, I was squeezing her so tight to me she squashed out everywhere LOL, I love this bag!!! :yahoo:

    On crook of arm:


    On shoulder:


    I can't think of a more perfect bag as my last bag for 2009 - by December 09 I will post patina photos of her, she is going to be used so much hopefully the change will be evident.

    Thank you for everything ladies, I really couldn't have gotten all the deals and chosen the right bags for me without your help, and also wanted to say that the Mulberry girls are the best on this forum because we look after each other so well :heart:
  2. She is gorgous maple! Many congrats on completing your Mulberry family.
  3. Maple , that Roxy was made for you . It looks fabulous !!
  4. Oh Maple, I do love that bag :heart:and the lovely words!!! I have also tried to keep away from this forum lately, it has got me into alot of trouble this past year!!

    I do want this bag, I do not know how and I do not know when!!

  5. She is a real beauty. Enjoy her.
  6. Looks fantastic on you.
  7. Oh Maple, that looks fabulous on you and I can totally imagine your kid-in-a-candy-store face! :nuts::yahoo:

    Really pleased you got this bag and that it stirs such nostalgic feelings in you. It's obviously a keeper!!!!!
  8. It is beautiful! The size seems really good :tup:. Compared to the Elgin, the outside pockets are a huge plus (for keys, mobile, lippie etc). I find it difficult to dig out the small stuff from the bottom of my gorgeous Elgin.

    So congrats to the good buy!
  9. Oh MC I'm soooo pleased you like your bag, you face is probably the same as mine in my Choc Jamie modelling pics!

    I'm guessing she is not going to see the inside of her dustbag again for a very long time.
  10. Oh my golly gosh Maple, your A4 tote is STUNNING and looks great on you. She looks fab and to hear she stirred up some emotional memories (good ones) is a real plus. Sounds like you have bonded instantly. I am thrilled for you. Please, please, please can we see more pics and more poses. We can't get enough!
    CONGRATULATIONS. I'm bursting with delight for you. :yahoo:
  11. looks lovely, you must be really pleased with her, congrats and get her patina'd xx
  12. #12 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    It's gorgeous, Maple and I've seen it irl so I can definately understand why you love it! It is such a cool bag and it does seem very practical so I think yours will get a lot of use.

    The best thing though, is how happy you are with her. I don't even need to see your face as it shines through every word ... makes me smile!

    Uh, this was my post #1000 :nuts:
  13. That bag is gorgeous - it really suits you :drool:

    It's going to look amazing with a dark, shiny patina :heart:

    Congratulations on getting one :tup:
  14. Oh, that is lovely!! I had just been telling myself, "no more bags" (having bought 3 recently, but that is verrrrrry tempting!!
  15. Maple congrats - it looks just gorgeous - ive never seen one on someone and it really does suit you - you have made me tempted again!!! Enjoy her - can't wait to see her in a year!