Roxy's first day

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  1. ROXY AND JILL GO TO TOWN by Enid Mulberry

    As i packed her up I could barely look my Mabels in the eye, so sure were they of my love they were stunned to be betrayed, but betray them I must. I was in love and nothing or nobody could stand in our way. Firstly her openings were a little unfamiliar - why so many straps on her clothing? However, what little differences there were, were again and again compensated for in her ever revealing loveliness - her buttersoft skin, the beautiful sparkling of her jewel like rivets.

    We set out on a bright crisp morning (we will pass over the 1970's town centre full of cigarette end and empty beer cans), excited just to be together, begging to be seen by someone for the first time together - preferably not someone with a dog on a string!

    We had coffee and popped into beautiful boutiques (Superdrug and WH Smith) getting used to each other on this our first date. After some time we decided to call it a day, after all we have the rest of our lives.

    We returned home to see the rest of the family, to be met with 'The Mabels' who handed me a note 'You told us you were bringing Pebble Mabel Home we are very disappointed'!
  2. :roflmfao: Oh God OBR you are soooooo funny! I wish I could write like you!
  3. Did you come home for lashing of ginger beer & cucumber sandwiches? I do hope so.
  4. Most of my teens were spent reading Mills and Boon novels whilst hanging out of bedroom window smoking - explains the writing style, and my habit of sidling up to strangers and sniffing their cigarette smoke!
  5. Brilliant!!!!
  6. A couple of ibuprofen for sore neck (Roxy is a hefty lass) and a black coffee - I'm sure Enid would have done the same in 2009.
  7. I can write 'stroppy' letters of complaint and get what I want out of them but nothing funny!
  8. Oh my, this is the funnyest thing I've read in a while. Especially on the subject of bags! Thanks for the laugh!
  9. I wish I could use it for something constructive, everytime I think of changing careers I become involved in another bag 'obsession. It truly has taken over my life, I wonder how I could combine the two - maybe a market stall, every bag sold comes with a funny story, can't see much money in it myself - also Roxy might get cold if outside too long. Got to go, can hear shouting from upstairs, think the Mabels are bullying Roxy again.
  10. OBR, that's such a funny story. Obviously you really love your Roxy (are we talking about the black one?).

    I've often wondered how I could combine my love of handbags with some sort of money-making activity. I've come up with nothing so far and just seem to keep buying bags!!!!
  11. Am I the only one feeling sorry for the Mabels?

  12. I have just realised that all this time of 'only having eyes for Roxy', I have completely overlooked poor Oak Roxy who has been suffering mercilessly at the hands of the evil 'Mabel 3', she is in a very bad way and is in serious need of some TLC. When I got up there she was half out of her bag and appeared to be crawling towards the telephone - receipt in 'strap' with the number for SM highlighted. Would Prozac , Gin and Chocolate work as well as it does for women of a certain age?
  13. KLP0213 - I have to keep the screen and your avatar turned away from Roxy, so terrified is she of Mabels.

    Note From Mabel 3 - We love your Pebble!
  14. Get them all separate cages and throw away the keys.
  15. :lol: I bet Roxy still knows my Mabel is there though, poor girlie.

    Note from Pebble Mabel to your Mabels - if Roxy musters up the guts to kick you all out, you're more than welcome to join me!