Roxy owners .. opinion needed

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  1. I wana buy a roxy and I need to know the pros and cons of this bag!! especially in the perle color :heart: .. anyone own one and used it for a while please pitch in!! :yes:
  2. I've owned mine for all of maybe 72 hours and love her. I have the pomme. She holds quite a bit , the strap is perfect, can use her hand held as well. She gets a lot of compliments,

    The Perle is beautiful but would be prone to color transfer...I'd be exp. worried since the bottom has no vachetta/feet so that bag would sit directly on whatever surface you place her on. My SA disouraged me against anything perle. She had a perle key holder and it turned yellow.

    As for the bag, she's hot, sexy, hip, and eye catcher. You'll love her!!!
  3. oh no!! color transfer? yellow? .. i wear alot of black and alot of jeans :sad: ... so white vernis usually gets yellow? .. hmm .. what about epi leather in white?
  4. I only know about vernis and color transfer/discoloration I don't own anything in Epi so can't help you there.

    BTW, I also wear a lot of jeans and black and that's what I am wearing my Pomme Roxbury with. I notice you have some Pomme in your pix...are you considering the Pomme? She's HOT! Here's a pic to help you!

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  5. my pomme roxbury is the closest thing i have to a perfect bag i think.

    i do have a perle stillwood vertical. used her once for a summer and didn't get any color transfer, although i was working and not wearing dark jeans.
  6. I love love love the pearl BUT I purchased the agenda to co-ordinate with my pomme Roxbury, put it in her and within a week my agenda had colour transfer from the lining of my Rox.

    Soooooo IMHO you would be far better off gooing for the pomme or perhaps waiting for a amarante?

    However have to agree with above posts, pomme is hot, gets loads of compliments and can be dressed up or down!
  7. I have the noisette and it goes with everything, it's also darker than perle and not as prone to color transfer :love:
  8. i have pomme FW, cles, (and a heart on the way!!) .. I also have a rouge vif balenciaga work :sad: .. i dont think I need two red BAGS .. I wanted something to hang my heart on that would look great for evenings out .. the perle looked amazing with the heart in a photo a pfer posted and I fell in love!! .. I will have to think about it ... would an ivorie soufflot be a better chance since i really need a white-ish bag? .. oh and how long does it take for the vernis to yellow??? a year? more?? less? would the pomme heart hanging from it (or pomme FW inside it) cause color transfer?
  9. Hate to say it, but I would stay away from Perle in general if you're planning on using it often... want to wear it with jeans.. etc., etc. Have you considered the beige color, Noisette? I don't know anything about EPI, sorry : (
  10. IMO you can't compare the Epi Soufflot with the Roxbury. The Roxbury just pops..and it can really make an outift. Like Emily said check out the Noisette.
  11. Let trade has a really nice looking one in Noisette, it is really low priced!
  12. Noisette goes with just about anything...

    agree with RG about not being able to compare the two. The Roxbury's shape is just amazing.. the drop length on the strap combined with the thinness of the strap is absolute perfection.. it creates a really sleek profile on the bag. seriously, can you tell i love it? ;)
  13. beautiful. hard to close witha lot in it.
  14. thanks everyone .. i am still torn between perle and noisette ... how would noisette look with the pomme heart hanging from it? .. i really need a white evening bag .. the roxy is the most amazing shape!!
  15. This afternoon i'll go to LV to buy my Roxbury in Noisette! :yahoo:Can't wait! I think, the Noisette goes with every colour. I like the Perle too, but i'm afraid for colour transfer, so i'll take the Noisette...