Roxy or not?....


Dec 28, 2011
Having made my first ever Mulberry purchase just a few weeks ago with the OS Conker Alexa (which I just adore), I am now on that very slippery slope, and am seriously considering my second purchase already...

I have always loved Roxanne, and was delighted to find out last week after reading posts on this site that these are often still available at the outlets. I am seriously drawn to this bag.. but my question is, does anyone have a feel for how long Roxy's will continue to be available via the outlets?... in other words, should I make the leap now before I miss out?.. (I know they often come up on ebay, but have had my fingers burnt on there before).

I phoned Shepton today and they have Black and Chocolate Roxy's in stock... which is my next dilemma... black or chocolate?.. I do love the oak as well, but I want a bag that I don't have to 'baby' too much, and I've read some reports about the oak being quite high maintenance.

Any advice or thoughts gratefully appreciated!! ;)


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May 20, 2010
West Midlands
I think the Roxy was discontinued from the main line, but made "for outlet" IYKWIM, like a special purchase. I would say there are a number of things to weigh up here - on the colour front, you're right in that black & chocolate are probably more robust, but on the other hand, older oak leather can develop a lovely patina.
No idea how long they will remain in the outlets, sorry, but don't rule out ebay completely - there are some good buys to be had if you do your homework.
In terms of the leather itself, the outlet Roxys are NVT which is relatively lightweight (Roxy is not the bag for you if you have a bad back!). On the other hand, there are some gorgeous pre-loved Darwin leather bags & some roxy officionados that I know would go for one of these over a new one any day!

(and you're right, that slope is slippery!)


Oct 26, 2009
Black first, choc later.........I think I read they were at outlets for £445? I would buy from there while they are still available.


Dec 17, 2009
I love Roxannes and have owned a lot too ;). The very best ones in my opinion, are the now rare well cared for Darwin ones which you have to look out for on ebay and then have checked on the authentication thread. The nvt ones up until they were discontinued from the main line collection are also good but the leather varies hugely so you have to decide if you would like a wrinkly or smooth one. Again there are a lot coming up at reasonable prices on ebay.
I'm afraid to say the outlet ones are different. I bought one unseen and it was sooo different to any other Roxanne I had ever owned; the leather was much thinner and I sent it straight back. I could have just been unlucky that time I guess, but I would always look out for a good second hand one personally! Have fun looking and let us know what you decide!:smile:


Dec 14, 2010
I bought a choc Roxy from the York outlet at Easter and absolutely love it! They seem to have been in the outlets fairly regularly since the beginning of last year so you've probably got a little while to decide. The leather on mine is beautiful and substantial but lightweight (I know some ladies have complained about the quality of the leather on these bags but I must have got lucky, it doesn't feel in any way inferior to my full price bags), I walk everywhere and couldn't deal with a really heavy bag which put me off the older Darwin ones. I went for choc because I don't like to have to worry about babying my bags but already had a few black ones and wanted a change, I think the style really suits the choc leather and I still think it works with black clothing.


Apr 16, 2011
It sounds as if with a careful search you could find a nice one with reasonable leather from the outlets but I second kaybeeboyle's suggestion about looking on Ebay and getting the Roxy validated on the authentication thread for peace of mind. Thanks to kaybee I actually found my beautiful aqua Roxy and I also bought my plum one secondhand and it is absolutely gorgeous. There are some trusted resellers of Mulberry which you can find details for on here somewhere if you want to avoid Ebay completely - is a great site and often has Roxannes available.


Jan 19, 2012
I'm thinking about buying a Roxanne and would like some opinions on it. Is it a heavy bag, is it easy to get into (I know there's a flap on the top)? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :smile: