Roxy beaded tote

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  1. I saw this at Nordstrom yesterday. I think it's really cute for summertime...shorts, flip flops, etc. Day use out and about with the kids. The beads are a stained wood.

    Opinions? Am I too old to carry a bag like this?

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  2. Too old no...I have seen alot of people carrying this type of bag. I really like them!
  3. I like it! Perfect for summer I think, and it's a bag you won't mind messing up at the beach.
  4. Oh good! I might check it out again today. Heck, for $36 bucks, why not? :nuts:
  5. Interesting. for $36 can't go wrong.
  6. Nah, I think it's a bag for all ages.. well, almost, it's probably not suitable for 5 or 105 year olds. But it looks really relaxed and also, no worries about getting the bag wet or stained !
  7. Not my style but it's for all ages.
  8. I just don't want it in any way, shape or form to resemble one of those sequin bags....I hate those things. This kind of reminds me of them....buuutttt, there is still something in me that thinks it's cute.

    I ended up getting a Motif 56 leather woven summery bag at Nordstrom. I have seen them off and on in the past couple weeks...they had one on display in tbd. I tried to do an online search...but all I could come up with are belts by this company. The info says it's sells bags and belts with a moroccan flair. :smile:
  9. Ooo.. that sounds exotic ! ;)

    The slouchy shape does remind me of those sequined bags, now that you mention it. But if there's a part of you that's still a hankering for that bag, it's probably a sign that you should make a trip back to Nordstrom ! :amuse: