Roxiepup62's small collection

  1. Hopefully someday I will have as many purses as alot of you on here but for now these are my loves...
    Dior group shot
    My coach (I have a matching umbrella but I forgot to take a picture of it)
    i :heart: juicy bag

    My beautiful chanel glasses :smile:
    i :heart: my chanel boots
    a close up on the rosette

    My very first designer purse :smile: my mom got it for me getting an A in calc lol

    Thanks for looking!!!
    hopefully it will keep growing!!!
  2. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Love your Dior collection.
  4. Nice collection! I adore those Chanel boots, they are lovely!
  5. I love that Prada bag!
  6. Love your dior collection-
  7. lovely collection
  8. Lovely.
  9. Thanks everyone! I hope to be adding more soon!!!!!
  10. Thanks for sharing... love those Chanel boots!!
  11. wow, love those boots!
  12. Nice selection. I really love your Dior bags:yahoo:
  13. Wow... I can understand boot theft now. I LOVE those Chanels!

    Also love yoru Dior ballet bag
  14. Those boots are my pride and joy :smile: i HATE wearing them though because I'm afraid I'm going to hurt them...
  15. love your diors. congrats.