Roxbury's removable strap

  1. I have a Roxbury on its way to me and I was wondering...does anyone use the removable strap from the Roxbury with their pochettes? And, if so, how does it work out?
  2. i dony havr the roxbury bit i think the strap would look great on a pochette
  3. Yes, I have tried it, it gives the pochette a better fit. However I would like a strap in a length between the two lol.
  4. ^^I feel the same way you do south of france, would be great length in between!
  5. Thanks for your replies. I am hoping that the strap can serve a dual purpose and save me from spending additional coin on a seperate strap!
  6. Cherry Pie, Thank you for allowing your Queen to visit us in the USA. She is an amazingly wonderful woman. I greatly admire her.
  7. Which one did you get? I am currently totally obsessing over the Roxburry!!!!
  8. I like the roxbury!!! it may be my next bag!!
  9. [​IMG]Is the strap that comes on this bag the same(width and length) as the cowhide strap you can buy? Or is it smaller? Can you buy a replacement strap fro the roxy or will lv suggest the strap below ?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Funny I started a thread yesterday about Roxbury's strap as I am hoping it will serve a dual purpose for me and be useable on my pochette.
  11. ^^ Oops, sorry I guess I should ha ve searched.. i will see about moving this thread.
  12. I love the Roxbury too! Congrats.
  13. I got one in Noisette. She still hasn't arrived. I am hoping tomorrow! Let's cross our fingers.
  14. Bag Fetish, My thread wasn't the same as this. I addressed a different issue about the strap.
  15. DesigningStyle,

    Which Roxburry are you looking at? I really want one!!!!