roxbury vs tivoli, to keep or to exchange?


roxbury vs. tivoli

  1. keep my roxbury

  2. go for the tivoli pm

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  1. ok, some time within the next few days is the last day for any exchange/store credit for my recent purchase - roxbury drive in pomme (and i also got the pomme french purse and heart to go with it). my my heart was also itching for some monogram as this is my first LV purchase and i've had my eye on the tivoli pm for some time. i do love my rox and i know the colour will be discontinued some time soon, but because it's my first and i won't be getting anything any time soon, i'd like to have something that holds a bit more and more easy-going/casual - the tivoli pm will do. but i don't know if i should make it a store credit to wait for the tivoli because it's a permanent item while the rox in pomme isn't. should i keep my rox or get the tivoli?
  2. I love the Pomme color but the Roxbury is too small for all the stuff I carry. I like the Tivoli better
  3. I think the Tivoli is a better everyday bag ... the Rox is definitely too small but perfect for nights out!
  4. definitely tivoli pm!
  5. the thing is.. i love them equally... it's just that rox in pomme will be discontinued soon whereas tivoli is a permanent item (in this case i'm leaning towards the rox); but i like the versatility and practicality of the tivoli pm. should i just stick with the rox for now and some time later (god knows when.. 1 year? 2 years?) get the tivoli?
  6. ^^ i can carry both on the shoulder if i want to, and LV bags for me aren't everyday bags in the first place because i'm still a student and i don't think i'm going to use either for school (lol i'd prefer the neverfull for school). i'm not saying the rox isn't working for me (i love how classy it looks and how it doesn't shout out LV as much as monogram and i don't need to carry a lot with me unless necessary) but tivoli is more casual and will look good with virtually anything (and since i'm 19 i think i might look better with the tivoli).
  7. I would keep the rox and save like hell while waiting Tivoli for more availability. So you will end up with two bags that you love dearly... :p
  8. it's not that i don't have the money to get bothbags .. my bf & family would kill me if i'm gonna spend over 3K in a few months for stupid bags (they think at this age i should look and act like a student and not spending like crazy cuz i don't even make money yet)... and i'd feel bad too.. getting both this year (lol my mom the other day told me to save up to get a car and a house etc instead of getting designer stuff).
  9. I love the Rox in Pomme so I say keep that. Get the Tivoli later.
  10. I much prefer the Tivoli!
  11. I love the Tivoli!
  12. Tivoli...more practical for you now...
  13. Tivoli vote here----it's just more practical.
  14. Tivoli!
  15. I'm inclined to say keep the Roxy, but you know, your pomme accessories inside the Tivoli would really pop and look fabulous. They'd certainly be an eye catcher when you took then out of the Tivoli. I'm not sure if I'm helping or not.