Roxbury Red or White???

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Do you like the red or white more??? I am still debating on this even though I bought the red one yesterday....:confused1:
  2. haha, i was debating about it while back, do a search, John also helped photoshop some pix of pomme and perle rox w/patina :drool:
  3. Pomme [Red] Is really nice! I like the Pearl [White] But i would be afraid of colour transfer.
    Congrats on your new bag i love it in Pomme!
  4. Pomme for sure !
  5. Pomme for sure!
  6. Definitely Pomme! The perle is great, but I would definitely be too freaked out by the possibility of color transfer.
  7. I like the Pomme.
  8. Pomme!!!Lovely color!
  9. Definitely Pomme!
  10. I like the pomme.:yes:
  11. POMME!!!:tup::tup::tup:
  12. Yet another one that prefers it in Pomme. Great choice :tup:
  13. another vote for the pomme.
  14. Pomme
  15. Pomme! I am thinking of this for my next bag!