Roxbury question before I make my BIG purchase

  1. Does anyone have this and NOT like it? Anyone with regrets over this bag?

  2. ohhh, good question....I have been thinking about one too.
  3. BUY the pomme one I's gorgeous im not a girl nor whant to that's why I don't have one...
  4. i was in your shoes a few weeks back. i went to the lv boutique to "look at it." the bag is gorgeous- and looks good on the shoulder BUT i didn't buy it because the one they had in stock had a crease. and if i were to be really honest, i wasn't so sure whether it was a trendy piece or not. that being said, not a day goes by that i don't think about it. it is very pretty and sometimes that's all that matters (haha). good luck!
  5. Gorgeous light days bag when you don't have to carry the kitchen sink.
  6. I have it. No regrets. Very useful bag! I can get a lot of stuff in it!
    The ONLY drawback I can see is that you have to be careful with it because of Vernis + vachetta....but I baby my bags anyways!
  7. I love it!!!! I got her in noisette yesterday and carried her today and I'm a complete fan of this. She's not tiny at all, and I swear I never saw so many people turn and stare at a purse I carried (and I carried many... LEs, etc.)! I'm still in awe lol
    The handle is unique and perfect imho and if you don't buy it in a scream-y color, I think it's very chic and classy and therefore not what I'd describe trendy (=over in 2 months).
    Here are some pics:
  8. Agree. It is such an elegant bag. Mine was in perle and I do have to be careful becuz of the color....but regrets! :yahoo:
  9. i have pomme roxbury and love it so much. its very cute bag and i got lots of compliments. the color just stands out...
  10. I love mine. I don't carry it too often, but it remains one of my most special bags.
  11. I think it's a cute bag.
  12. I have it in perle. I got it over a week ago and plan to carry it all summer long.:yahoo:
  13. I love mine too. Mine is in Pomme color but if you consider a different color, the perle will be another good choice.
    You might need to get used to the snap on the top of the bags but I can fit all my everyday junks in there just fine.
    Plus always get lots of compliments wearing it :smile:
  14. the roxbury is a GORGEOUS bag, probably the nicest one I've ever seen. and that's saying a lot. i love the design and the vernis material. it looks absolutely stunning in perle. maybe that will be my next purchase :smile:
  15. this is definitely on my "to-buy" list. i was leaning towards this before i got the brentwood but hopefully the roxbury will come out in the amarante colour later this year.

    i think this is one of their most unique yet functional bags.