Roxbury or Reade?


should I get a pomme Roxbury or Reade?

  1. Roxbury Drive

  2. Reade PM

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  1. Ok, so after getting my pomme ludlow (i luv it!) a few weeks ago i've decided that now i really really really want a bag in pomme for my next LV bag :yes:. I've really been thinking about getting the Roxbury Drive, but am not 100% sure. the reade pm could be cute too. so the question, is, should i get the Rox or Reade?

    i'm listing the pros & cons of each

    + i really like the style, looks v. stylish & elegant
    + can be worn on shoulder (this is a big plus for me)
    + detachable strap, so can be hand-held as well (e.g. for attending evening parties, etc)

    - the price. it's $915, so almost $1k with tax (i live in california so they'res no avoiding tax w/ ordering from elux :push: )
    - it's on the thin side, so doesn't seem to carry all that much (this is why for my first bag, in amarante, I got the Rosewood instead, cuz when i saw Rosewood & Rox IRL, i saw that the rosewood was significantly bigger)
    - has snap closure (might get annoying)
    - when hand-held, handles get dark easily (so i've heard, have no experience w/ this)

    + seem like it can hold more stuff
    + price is more reasonable ($725)

    - i don't love the style as much as the rox
    - can't be worn on shoulder (at least it doesn't seem like it)
    - has open top, stuff might fall out

    right now i am leaning towards the Rox, but if i decide to get it i'm thinking i probably won't get it at a boutique, as it's too much $$ IMHO, esp for a bag that i probably wouldn't/coudln't take everyday to work (that's pretty much the only place i go to these days, lol). also i probably won't be getting a new bag for several months now (at least after xmas), and by that time i'm not sure if the boutiques would still carry the pomme color (tho i hope i'm wrong, i hope pomme sticks around forever :smile:). i might try to see if i can find a used one on eBay, but then again am not sure it's worth taking the risk (am so paranoid now about getting fakes).
  2. sorry duplicate
  3. i'll get the reade pm :smile:. personally for me rosewood and roxbury are both similar size bags so i'll go for variety. roxbury do look more glam but the snap closure are not user friendly for me. i'll use reade pm for evening parties too (unless it's black tie :p). have fun choosing!
  4. I'd go for the reade pm.
  5. i will get the reade, roxbury is similar to your rosewood, reade is less worry for the vachette leather compare to roxbury, reade is price reasonable

    not prefer the closure snap for rox because it takes time to open and close it , if for reade, is easier due to the open top. Reade is cute !
  6. I voted for Reade...I don't like the Roxbury at all. :push:
  7. Roxbury. Here's how they look together.
    IMG_3347.JPG IMG_3353.JPG
  8. I've owned the Reade and didn't like it at all. I thought it looked like a child's bag or a lunchbag JMO!
    I would get the Roxbury!
  9. Don't like the Roxbury, I'd go with the Reade. :yes:
  10. Btw, here's comparing what they can hold...
    IMG_3062.jpg IMG_3063.jpg IMG_3141.jpg IMG_3149.jpg IMG_3359.JPG
  11. Definitely Roxbury- the Reade looks like a lunchbag!
  12. I love my reade PM in pomme! It is so shiny and cheerful. It actually holds quite a bit; in the reference section there is a picture that shows the Reade PM holding 5 cans of tomatoes. :smile:
  13. wow, thanks so much everyone for all the suggestions/comments!! and thanks rileygirl for posting all the pix...they really help a lot!

    so now i guess i just have to go to an LV and try on both bags, and see if i can make a decision from that. i'm sure it will be a tough decision to make though...i was really leaning towards the rox but now i'm really torn between the two. :push: btw, DH finds it so funny how i agonize over these kinds of things... :p
  14. I have 2 reades and I love them. I don't really like the roxbury. I have never had a problem with things falling out. Love the bag and good luck with your decision! Post pics of whatever you get!
  15. i personally love the roxburry but i saw ur pics that u already have rosewood which pretty much similar to Roxburry, so i would say go with the reade then..

    it's quite tiny but it's beautiful :heart: