Roxbury Drive

  1. Those of you that own useful do you find it? Do you use it regularily? Is the shape cumbersome? I'd probably never hand-hold it, it would always be on the strap. Whenever I see a lady carrying it, it looks so elegant!

    Opinions are greatly appreciated! :yes:
  2. I love this bag. It's gorgeous. Unfortunatley it doesn't hold much, so it's strictly a special occassion bag for me.
  3. I don't own one, but I've been toying with buying one for quite some time, especially in perle !!!

    Have you ever seen this seller's collection of them ? eBay View About Me for middlemouse318 I die a little every time I look at her stuff !
  4. :love:

    Same for me. I've been thinking about this piece for a while, but in indigo maybe for me. :drool: What a collection :drool:
  5. I love it. I have one in Perle and I agree it does not hold much, but large enough to carry the daily stuff. :heart:
  6. I dont own one but i really like the shape of it.
  7. I was wondering about this myself because I was thinking of getting it in the new red vernis coming out next week. My SA at Neiman Marcus said that the bag was totally gorgeous in this new red. I'll have to see IRL to find out if it is roomy enough for all my daily essentials.
  8. I have one in noisette and I love it. It's too elegant to be an everyday bag. I prefer hand holding it than putting it over my shoulder though.
  9. ayla: yes her collection is TDF!! i think she is a poster on this forum??

    after seeing her perle rox i am tempted even more!! i'm going to hold out until the red comes out and make my decision! thanks everyone!
  10. wow amazing...I didn't know that we can post our collection on eBay?!
    I love the purple Vernis flat tote and the indigo piece. :drool::drool::drool:
  11. I have the noisette too and love it. I haven't used it a whole lot but I always feel so feminine when I do. I generally use it as a handheld and men seem to love this style because they always compliment me on it!
  12. *dies* everything is so gorgeous :drool:

    I LOVE this bag in indigo! I saw a lady carrying a noisette one and it looked gorgeous too.
  13. Thanks for that link! What a gorgeous collection. Love her Owl Bag, it's so unique.
  14. That collection is amazing!
  15. whoa her collection is so cute haha i love all of her vernis'