Roxbury Drive: Noisette or Perle


Roxbury Drive:Perle or Noisette

  1. Perle

  2. Noisette

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  1. what would be more versatile for work and going out ? I wear a lot of earth tones but I also wear black slack/skirts. what would work best with casual clothes or jeans ? I have the Perle one and have not used it yet since I'm not too surte about the color plus isn't perle harder to care for than the noisette ? (as in color transfer or yellowing ?)
  2. I like perle better :yes:
  3. Yup.. agree perle looks prettier.
  4. I can't find Noisette a casual color, but since white is in and can work with lots of flowy romantic skirts and tops Perle is the best bet for now. :biggrin:
  5. The Perle is gorgeous. And between beige and noisette, I prefer the discontinued beige instead.
    So definitely Perle :yes:
  6. perle :love:
  7. Perle:p
  8. Perle for sure!!!
  9. perle :heart: :love: its gorgeos as a Roxbury
  10. Perle is gorgeous....but I would be so paranoid about color transfer and yellowing and would probably go with Noisette! What about Pomme to add a punch of color?
  11. Love the Perle's beautiful!
  12. hmmmmmm... I've been thinking bout the very same choice myself.... perle is gorgeous is Roxbury,,, but noisette would be soooo versatile... IMO... more casual, perhaps?
  13. I love the perle color!!!!
  14. I think the Perle would be just fantastic in the Roxbury Drive, and I can't help but thinking of Veronika dream all Perle collection :nuts:
  15. I don't want to disappoint you, but the perle will definitely turn yellow. I have a silver, pink and beige vernis and they all turned yellow after a couple of years.