Roxbury Drive in Pomme d'amour


Roxbury drive

  1. I love is stunning...

  2. I feel nothing for this bag...

  3. I hate it , it is so not for me.....

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  1. Do you love it?

    Do you hate it?

    Do you feel nothing?
  2. I love it! I wanted to get one, but I don't "dress" up enough to justify owning one. I think it is one of the most beautiful bags of the vernis line though.
  3. Got this recently so had to vote LOVE IT!
  4. I think this bag is just beautiful! I don't have it, but damn, if I had the money, I would sooo buy it! The color is just sooo rich, and divine.

  5. I use mine whilst wearing jeans.
  6. ohh I feel the same way as you:yes: ..this bag looks hot with jeans:nuts: ...did you see Jane's pics wearing sold me because I am quite a casual person and do not fuss too much...dress it up or down and it still works...yipppeeeeee:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: !!
  7. I don't love it or hate I guess I feel nothing!
  8. ohh you must model and provide pic...ohhh please this bag is so stunning!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. Love the Roxbury Pomme d'amour. I don't dress up or go out anymore and have no need for such a stunning bag.
  10. I love it, I just got my Pomme cles in the mail today and the color is soooo pretty in person. I'm such a pochette person so I thought I would only want the pomme in a lexington and cles but it looks awesome on the roxbury drive so we will see......
  11. I am debating is it worth it the $$$...I do feel the same way as is soo hot in the pomme d'amour it worth breaking the ban....:p
  12. its hoooot.

    even hotter in indigo
  13. It's such a pretty bag... I LOVE it!
  14. Lola I am soo loving your new hair style...hotty you...I love the pomme d'amour colour...regret buying the old red now:confused1: need the roxbury now that you have the would look so good on you...then you will need a wallet and the list goes on...this is the best red ever!!!
  15. I love it. Tried it on yesterday.
    But i don't think its an everyday bag. And I RARELY say that. I buy bags for everyday that most would not (like the Oskar, the stephen, the cabas raye gm, the leonor, etc.,)

    So i don't really subscribe to the categories of "everyday" vs. "dressy" vs. "travel". BUT this bag is so bright and beautifully red that it is one bag that I would have to think ahead about what to wear with it. Just my opinon.

    Does not mean i won't buy it though.

    GET IT!!:graucho: :wlae: