Roxbury Drive in Pomme D'Amour

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'd like to share my new friend with you. Her name is Roxymour. Is she beautiful?

    The color is so vibrant when exposed to the sun. It looks so red. But now it's a night time and it's kind of look darker. I also put my wallet in just to show you how wide it can be.
    roxbury.jpg roxbury1.jpg
  2. OMG, it's stunning! congrats and thanks for sharing the pix, lovely! Love your cambon wallet too :smile:
  3. *thud*
    :shocked: :drool: :love:
  4. Wow, that's HOT!!! Love the color on this bag. Congrats, it's beautiful.
  5. absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
  6. absolutely stunning... gorgeous.. congratzzzzz
  7. I think I just drooled on your bag..
  8. so pretty!
  9. It is lovely!!
  10. shes beautful...i almost fell out of my chair looking at the title...BEAUTIFUL!
  11. love the bag, congrats!
  12. I love it. That is my next purchase - in that color!!!
  13. i love this color... so pretty! i need to get something in pomme d'amour.
  14. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!! I love that bag in this color!

  15. VERY HOT!!! I looove the second pic!!! Congrats!