ROXBURY advice please

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  1. hi wonder if anyone can help - i recently came across Roxbury as a brand and searched online. after a while i found, and fell in love with, one of their leather bags. it was in a sample sale, and so even with the international shipping i've got myself a bargain. but i don't know anything about this brand - my current bags are Hermes, LV and Belen Echandia. (in the past have also owned Coach, Mulberry, Chloe and Prada!!) How do Roxbury bags wear and what are the leathers used like? what brand do you feel they are comparable with in terms of quality??? many thanks

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  2. Hello, I can't be of any help because this is the first I've heard of this brand, sorry, it looks like it's a really nice bag and from what I can see it looks to be well made.
    Thanks for posting the pic, I'm off to check out more of these bags!!!

    I'm sure someone on here will know something about them and chime in.
  3. thanks, i've done a bit of a search on TPF and found people who have bought them but mainly in US... i'm in Uk and had never heard of this brand till now!! anyone who has a Roxbury please chim in with how it has worn...