1. Why is the Roxanne so an adorned handbag? I have not seen IRL so I do not know the quality of the bag. Please give details on this bag.
  2. I had this bag but returned it - the leather is really very nice! It was just too large for me and kind of busy with all the buckles (although they were magnetic)...heavy too!
  3. I have Mulberry's Roxanne in Chocolate brown and I love it. It looks very cool, very British, sort of weekend-in-the-country, if you know what I mean. Scarlett Johansen totes one around London in the film "Matchpoint," and she looks great.

    The leather is thick and unlined and smells fabulous. I consider it a more casual bag, not tailored for work. Its very roomy and boxy, and it is kind of heavy.

    Mulberry has a great web site where you can see pics, read more details, and order online. However, if you live in the states, you pay a hefty duty at Customs if you order one. They're also sold at Saks in the U.S., but they don't have many, from what I've seen...
  4. they are heavy but i really love mine, i think they're very good quality and i agree with jill, i always feel my "cool" quotient goes up when i'm carrying one :shame:

    p.s. they're also available in Barneys & Bergdorf Goodman in nyc
  5. get the rosemary.... thats like a baby roxanne (correct me if i am wrong). i have a rosemary and it is just a perfect size.
  6. I agree with jill and nycmom ... the leather is absolutely beautiful and it always make my outfits look more hip and edgy. I just really love the design, it has all these buckles yet it really is a simple bag. My DH was actually the one who picked it out ... he thought it was a cool bag!
  7. ^^ I agree too. The Darwin leather is so perfect and just gets better with age. It is heavy though and I agree the Rosemary is the prefect compromise! It just feels really sturdy (in a good way!!) classy and iconic! But I am probably biased!!:biggrin:
  8. I have one in apple green and the leather is lovely.
    Its a truely gorgeous bag with great quality leather.
  9. For $1,200 cost of the Mulberry Roxanne, my husband said Scarlett Johanson better come with the bag. LOL
  10. I am sure you can get a Roxanne for much, much less than that especially if you're in the States. A lot of stores have crazy sales on Mulberry. Check the Deals & Steals thread :smile:
  11. Mulberry's are actually less expensive than many of the other high-end designer bags we discuss here...