Roxanne vs Rosemary??

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  1. Yep, Im sure the rosemarys are £246 now, and they seem to be around in a variety of colours at the outlets.
  2. OOoooo,you know what,I think I got mixed up with the price of something else.............................sorry!! I am sure when Chesh Oaks opened they had Blenheims in oak for half price at 197,and the Rosemary I remember thinking was'nt that much more expensive,I'm sure I remember thinking along the lines of 'wow,thats only 50 quid more' Sorry everyone!:shame:

  3. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH! :nuts: I'm coming to London in August!
    Then I have to.. no, NEED to visit that Outlet store. Does they have any websites where I could find a address?
    And is it long way there from central London? Or is it easyer to go by train or..
  4. how could i get a roxanne with a reduced price around £ 297, if i am not living in UK and therefore hv no access to Mulberry outlet?
    i love rosemary cute
  5. Hula, I too have a blenheim (oak) and a rosemary (black) - you know what they say, great minds think alike, fools seldom differ... tee hee!! I love, love, love my rosemary. It is the perfect size and good dressed up or down. Have I said I love it. I think I paid £246 last summer for it.

    Kroquet, I have seen that Roxanne in an outlet - funky!!!

    TG, I totally agree with everything you say about Rosemary. I just love that it fits beautifully over my shoulder or I can carry like a grab bag - in some ways I think it is the perfect bag, or is my Kensington the perfect bag, or actually is it the antony - damn they are all so good, is that why we have so many of them?!!!:yes:
  6. My black Rosemary just sold on Ann's Fab Finds. Someone is going to be very, very happy. And the other side of that is: I adore my new choco Roxy. After owning the Rosemary, my Roxy really looks like a big sister. I love the slouchiness of both bags -- straps flying...buckles...studs...handles falling over...just love it!
  7. Blimey!!! all this rosemary love is really making me want to get mine out again this weekend... :lol::lol: however, I had planned to take new blenheim for its maiden voyage.... :idea:but then again, my choc ledbury is just sooooo gorgeous.... :girlsigh: Decisions decisions :yahoo::yahoo::lol::lol:
  8. Yeah :yes: If anyone want to sell one rosemary to me - I'll defenitely buy one. (but only if it's in good shape)
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