Roxanne vs Rosemary??

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  1. Hope I can persuade DH to stay in the car, I don't want him in there with me exclaiming at the prices and dragging me out :biggrin: Shouldn't be too difficult, he'll probably want to keep an eye on the luggage and read the paper.
  2. Uuuh :sad: I prefer rosemary too than roxanne, but they don't make those anymore.
    Any hints, where I can buy one?
  3. DCGlam - busted, huh!!!!! Just pondering for upcoming Bday in May. I agree that the bags have just gotten huge, so Rosemary might really be a perfect size and I am seriously thinking about selling my LV. There are just too many fakes around San Antonio and I always feel self-conscious that it is being stared at to detemrine if its real. KWIM?? Anyway, I am taking my sweet time and will surely change my mind as I am prone to to!! lol
  4. Mmmm,I would say Rosemary,and then get a colored glove leather Roxy,that will be lighter to carry at some point in the future???

    Serene,they have Rosemarys in the outlets over here,I know they don't ship abroad,but if you know someone Uk based who can purchase and post out to you?,or can work it in with a trip here????
  5. How much are the Rosemarys at the outlets - anyone know? Sorry if that's been answered already somewhere else.
  6. Dolly,from memory they are about £297,could be barking up the totally wrong tree here,but that seems to be the price that springs to mind? Mmm.I'm sure someone will correct me if I am out on that.I have seen quite a few different colors in Cheshire Oaks at different times too,so its probably a really good idea to give all the outlets a call and see whats about xxxxx
  7. The Roxanne in some colours is currently £297 so I would think the Rosemary might be lower at the moment. It's probably worth giving an outlet a call to check as sometimes they have the same design at different prices depending on the colour.
  8. I think Rosemarys must be considerably less than £297 at the outlets as someone's listing a lavender one at an SP of £299!
  9. ^^^^ I thought 297 seemed kind of high and I was thinking they were around 247??? Sorry, I don't have the pound symbol!!

    Dolly, I thought the two on ebay were listed too high.
  10. Me too, kroquet, but they have to make a profit!!!!

    £247 seems a more reasonable price.
  11. Profit???? Who needs a profit!!! LOL Just kidding!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. My Rosemary cost £247 at Bicester. I thought the Roxanne might be a bit too big for me considering I am only 4' 10". Rosemary is the perfect size and quite roomy. Plus the shoulder strap makes it very versatile.
  14. Kroquet - you'll be very Sienna Miller! Great hippie chick look. Hope you get it.