Roxanne vs Rosemary??

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  1. How much difference in size is there between these two? What all can you fit into Rosemary?? And, is the Rosemary much lighter that Roxy ?

    Thanks ladies!!!!!
  2. hello kroquet .... I've got Rosemary but not Roxanne. I originally wanted Roxanne and saved for it, then went and tried on and thought (at the time) that she was too big for me. Not so sure about that anymore though! Having a bit of a dilemma myself about whether to ditch Rosemary and get a Roxy .... eek

    anyway, back to your question, I use Rosemary as my everyday bag and it is big enough for all my essentials (but there is definitely no contingency space)

    Just peeking in there now, and I have glasses case, 2 purses, mobile, business card case, hand cream, perfume, several pens, lippys, travel card, inhaler, mirror and some papers. It's full though.

    I like the detatchable strap of Rosemary.

    The front pockets aren't big enough for my mobile unfortunately so I use them for keys.
  3. Hi Kroquet:
    I had a black Rosemary which is now at Ann's Fabulous Finds. It fits every day stuff...wallet, cell, keys, pda, tissues, cosmetics clutch, ipod... It doesn't fit a water bottle, book, etc. It is a great day bag -- has that edgy look, but isn't enormous. When you sling it over your shoulder it looks plenty big! The whole definition of what's big and what's small has gotten skewed with all these ginormous bags. I loved using the Rosemary and it broke my heart to part with it, but had to fund the Roxy, which I just bought in London. Hope this helps.
  4. Hmmm, roxie v rosie? Personally I like bigger bags so Rosie is lovely but too small for me. Roxie is sizeable but not enormous, certainly doesn't feel much bigger than my Alana & nowhere near as big as Soho. I'd opt for Roxie but, as I say, I'm a big bag girl!
  5. OK, well just to open this up a little further - how does the Rosemary compare sizewise to the Blenheim? Is it quite a bit bigger?
  6. I'd say it is quite a bit bigger dolly, yes. Im going to post a pic of my blenheim against my rosemary for dita - I'll put it on this thread to so you can compare sizes
  7. Here is my rosemary and my blenheim next to each other, to compare sizes :smile:

    Attached Files:

  8. Thanks for that and the answer re the two lavenders.
  9. Thanks Hula, you are a gem!!!

  10. kroquet -
    hmmmm.....arent' U supposed to be on a "ban"?????????
    I know, I can always scope out the next find.....I too have a yearning for the Rosemary since I "think" the Roxy may be too big for me.......I keep on lookin' at 'em and want one........UGH!!!!
  11. I'm telling you, the Rosemary is a great bag. We are used to seeing such huge bags... When you don't fold down the top flaps of the Rosemary it looks much bigger than it is. It is a perfect size bag. Not too small, not too big, just right. And the shoulder strap is a dream. I'm amazed people don't use more Rosemarys.
  12. Surprisingly, for someone who seems to cart everything around with her, I am extremely fond of my little Blenheims, but it is a squeeze sometimes and they're not always big enough, which is why I bought an Effie.

    Will just have to curb my impatience until my visit to Shepton in May, unless I can get to York before then - but if I do that I won't have any money to spend at Shepton! Want to have a good look at the messenger bags, too, as hands free bags are so useful at times.
  13. Dolly - do you know about our Mulberry meet on May 10???? We're meeting at Bicester Village's Mulberry store.
  14. Hi Sarajane, yes I do, but I'll be travelling to Cornwall that day - with a stop at Shepton! (Well, we're not doing the whole trip in one day, and we're having lunch with friends near Bristol, taking in SM on the way.)

  15. Good plan, every journey should incorporate a trip to SM if at all possible!!
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