Roxanne totes in patent leather!

  1. Hi girls,

    Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but this month's Harper's Bazaar magazine has two things of interest!

    1: Page 51 - A Mulberry advert featuring 2 new bags, a large shopper/tote in egg-yolk yellow and a large white bag with zips on it. Both bags have big eyelets around the top with a leather cord running through them, and some text says "Poppy bags" along the edge of the ad so I guess that's the name for this new model!

    2: Page 78- A picture of a red patent leather Roxanne TOTE :nuts: which will be available in black, white, blue and red patent for £495. It doesn't look much like a Roxanne though tbh, apart from the pockets on the front.
  2. Oh sounds great---------wish I could see the magazine.
  3. Like the sound of the blue patent Roxanne tote :heart:
  4. OOOh the tote sounds promising, would love to see a pic!!
  5. That's the advert from page 51, nice one Zooba :tup:

    The Roxanne Tote wasn't in an advert, but was mentioned on a page of fashion news, along with a picture. I'm away from home at the moment but I'll scan it in and post a pic as soon as I get back :smile:
  6. I'm diggin' the tote....great color!
    Diggin' the lobster too :p