Roxanne: Too young, too busy looking for me?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm trying to decide which to purchase first: Roxanne or Bayswater. I'm thinking that Roxanne is too "young" a bag for me (in my 50's) and too busy with all its buckles, and studs (isn't that look over?). But I love my maybe I'm thinking I'll love the Roxanne? I have a casual but hip and edgey lifestyle in the tropics. I want a slouchy bag that I can sling around and not worry about. What are the pros and cons of the Roxanne? :supacool:
  2. I have both, Roxanne and Bayswater. I prefer Bayswater, it's much more easier to wear/use, very comfy on shoulder and it looks great with everything. And it fits a lot! Bayswater also keeps the shape very nicely, my Roxanne is so saggy.
    But, I bought my Roxanne 2 years ago, so I might be just bored with it :sad:

    My mom is 54 and she borrows my Roxy very often, and I think it looks just fine with her. So I wouldnt be worried about how "young" it is.

    Ok, guess I didn't help you at all :p
  3. Cat-Miu -- you are a GREAT help! I think Bayswater seems to be a more versatile bag -- it can go from casual to more dressed up. Whereas the Roxy is a more...casual bag. Thanks for your insights. I think I'll save up for the Bayswater, and try to find a Roxy on sale, because it might be tres fun to use.
  4. I love this question, I have wanted Roxanne ever since Scarlett in Matchpoint. But wanting one and making a choice between it and Bayswater when they're both so nice, that's a tough call. Wish they were easy to find for comparison IRL:nogood:
  5. I prefer the Bayswater because:
    - It's easier to open
    - I carry a lot of papers with me and I don't want to fold them over.
    - It's more timeless and versatile: from office to free time, from suit to tracksuit!

    I also use it for weekend trips when I don't need to carry too much things with me: the bag can easily be "extended" with the belts inside.

    Roxanne is nice, but if you have to choose, I would go for Bayswater.
  6. I had a designer inspired (in other words, very good copy) of a Roxanne before I could afford genuine Mulberry. I sold it because I found it too much of a faff to open with the straps, etc. Plus it was very heavy. I carried all the way round Dublin on holiday one weekend and it nearly broke my arm! I like the simplicity of the Bayswater and I agree with other posters that it's a more versatile bag.
  7. I'm 41 and have had a Roxanne for about two years. To me, it's not too busy at all. In fact, I find the Bayswater a bit plain. (Sorry Bayswater lovers)

    However, IMO, it's not easy to wear the Roxanne on the shoulder for an extended period of time, unless you're very petite. I carry it as a handbag. So if you're looking for ease, go with the Bayswater.

  8. How often do you really keep the straps closed? I would think it would look good with the straps just flopping around-- or not? With my Rosemary, I just let everything flop and it looks like studied coolness. Talk to me Rosemary owners...!
  9. I must admit I have all three of the (Roxanne, Rosemary, Bayswater), and I absolutely need them all as they all meet different purposes. I find the Roxanne fits over the shoulder easily unless it is very full (I try to avoid that) or I wear a thick coat (which you won't have anyhow).
  10. Speedyqueen -- tell me about the different purposes you use your Roxanne, Rosemary and Bayswater. Thanks. (You lucky gal you!)
  11. They are both great bags but I found the roxanne a bit heavy and a tight fit over the arm. If I had to choose between them then the Bayswater would get my vote! (although it is a very tough call) :tup:
  12. I don't think the Roxanne is too young for you. It is heavy and doesn't fit over my shoulder, but if your main concern is the age appropriateness of it, I don't think it is too youthful, it's pretty ageless.