Roxanne Shoulder Strap?

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  1. Hi girls :biggrin:

    I brought my first Mulberry bag yesterday in chocolate. I LOVE it!

    I just wanted to know if it was meant to come with the shoulder strap or if you had to buy it separately?

  2. Hi there :smile:

    If you really mean Roxanne, the two straps on it are meant to be THE shoulder/ crook of the arm straps! The side rings are not meant to be used to attach a strap (I got this info from Mulberry's customer services themselves, as they wouldn't be responsible if something went wrong). It is a pity, because that was precisely my idea back when I got mine, and the fact this is possible with Rosemary just makes everything a tad confusing!

    Anyway, I've heard some celeb does that, so maybe it is okay! I however feel worried about the studs coming off...

    Hope this helped. Enjoy your Roxy!!!

  3. I have been looking for a suitable strap to wear my roxanne as a messenger. I haven't found anything so far!! If you find something, would you please let me know as I would love one.

    I am glad you love your new bag!! Xx
  4. This is a bit of a random answer, but i know Louis Vuitton do a strap like that? I saw it on the online shop, bit expensive but could be worth a look? :wondering
  5. is it just me or does anyone else find the strap on the rosy a bit too small?
  6. act1980 - If you have another MBag with a shoulder strap you could use that (like a Seth strap) or sometimes I've seen Mulberry straps being sold on ebay.

    Elvis - I never liked that you couldn't change the length very much on the rosy, would have liked it if I could make it bit longer sometimes.
  7. my thoughts exactly!! I wish it was just that little but longer
  8. I remember reading the suggestion of using a guitar shoulder strap type of thingy?! add a bit of colour too!
  9. Hippy camera straps work too .
    Or for a short shoulder strap as opposed to a messenger - the strap from the same colour Rosie works too :graucho:
  10. Just be careful if you use a strap because the "ears" are not designed to be loadbearing and a liable to stretching
  11. I keep wondering why Mulberry put the ears on, if they're so adamant they didn't intend a strap to be attached?
  12. But that is precisely what I had said... :woohoo:
  13. I use a somerset shoulderbagstrap. It works perfect, but I am not the kind of person who carry a lot in my bags. It is often a phone, purse and not much more
  14. i know alexa chung used a guitar strap with hers :smile:
  15. You need a thick strap to wear the Roxy comfortably as a messenger, she's a big bag.

    I use the strap from my chocolate Seth - it works great. Alexa Chung uses a guitar strap, that would work too although you'd have to find one cool enough and then modify it so that it will attach to your bag. I've tried using the strap for my Euston but it's too narrow and the proportions aren't right.