Roxanne or Bayswater...HELP!!!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I really really can't decide!! I have finally decided to get the oak but I am not sure whether to get the roxanne or bayswater. Do you know which fits over your shoulder better - I haven't got a skinny shoulder either :s.

    Also I can't help thinking the Roxanne oak will age nicer than the Bayswater - am i being really dumb:angel:

    Anyway all views appreciated.
  2. This is my same dilemma! I want to buy both, but can only buy one. So please, we're listening!
  3. I don't have a skinny shoulder either (nice way of putting it :tup:) and can't get the Roxanne to stay on my shoulder; the Bayswater just about manages but not comfortably, tbh. But I think that is just me.

    The bags are very different so your decision could be based on whether you want/need a slightly more formal (Bayswater) or slightly more casual (Roxanne) bag. I found the Bayswater to be slightly smaller than I was anticipating and the Roxanne was slightly bigger, if that's any help.

    But generally, I think it's the same advice as we've been giving to TropicalGal, really - you need to try them out in person, I'm afraid. :smile:
  4. Personally i prefer the bayswater- can be smart or casual whereas the Roxy i think is a casual bag. What will you be using the bag for?
  5. Oooh, that's a dilemma. Both great bags but very different. Best advice is to try them both and decide when you're going to use them and what you would wear with them etc.
    Roxy is definitely more casual. Bayswater is definitely in it for the longterm as it's a classic. As a non-skinny shoulder person also, I find Roxy uncomfortable.
    Have fun deciding!
  6. Thanks guys. I am leaning towards the Bayswater. It will be used for work/casual - and i want to use it for years to come, so would prefer a classic style. My head says Bayswater, but I keep sneaking a peek at the Roxanne!!!!
  7. hi I prefer the Bayswater which I think is a classic.
    There's a bit too much happening in the Roxanne for me, if that makes sense.
  8. I have both Roxanne and Bayswater and I like both. If you do not have a skinny shoulder, I will suggest you to go for Bayswater. If you want a work/ casual bag, go for Bayswater as you can put documents in it. I use my Bayswater for work and some casual days too. The roxanne is a bit bigger, but you can't hold A4 documents without folding them in it, you know what I mean? You might also want to take weight into account, Roxanne is heavier than Bayswater. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  9. Thanks everyone. I have now decided on the Bayswater - but not sure whether to go for Oak or Chocolate - any opinions?
  10. I decided on chocolate simply because the scratches and watermarks etc don't tend to show like they can do on the oak and it is a lovely dark rich chocolate that I think goes with most other colours - even black IMO. However I think oak would be easier to wear in the summer. If you do a search you should find the threads where both myself and agirlinwinter asked the same question a few weeks ago! I ended up with a chocolate ivy bayswater and she got the oak!
  11. I have the bayswater in chocolate and roxanne in oak. Both colour are nice but flyvetjo was right about the watermarks and scratches. Which ever colour you bought, remember to spray the Collonil waterstop on to protect the bag.
  12. I know the chocolate is more practical - I just love the way the oak ages. But I am worried as I live in North West England so rain is an issue and I don't want to be scared of using it. Also will the oak look good in years to come - it won't look to haggard?
  13. I have been eyeing the Bayswater in Oak, and really fancying the printed (?) leather version that is on their website.

    I want it for an everyday bag, but again, what about the Great British weather!!