Roxanne in vanilla?

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  1. Hi,
    I need your opinions..
    What you think about the vanilla colour? Do you think that it´s very yellow?
    What colours would you wear with?

    My friend would sell me this bag (quie cheap price)and I´m not sure what to do...
  2. Hi Aqua, I do like the vanilla colour as it is a lovely rich colour but I have to say that I have never seen a Vanilla Roxy IRL so I don't know how it looks in that style. I would imagine it would be a great colour for summer and autumn as it would look well with different shades of brown and any summery colours. Not too sure how it would look with black outfits etc though. If the price is good it would be a good investment for use right now and next spring / summer though! Sorry I couldn't help more!
  3. I have Vanilla Bayswater and the color is just great, not too yellow at all. Very nice neutral color, I love it soo much.

    BUT I saw the Vanilla Roxanne in the Mulberry store, and I have to say I didn't like it too much :tdown: I don't know whether it was the shape of Roxy or what, but the color looked not-so-nice.
    I have Roxanne myself, and I like the look etc, but the Vanilla one was huge disappointment. It really looked very yellow, as you say :confused1:
  4. Thanks for your help!

    I decided not to buy it. I´ll save some more money and buy one in classic oak :smile: