Roxanne hardware change?

  1. Is it just me or does the hardware look brighter on the Roxannes on the mulberry website? Maybe it was always that bright but darkens with age?
  2. The Roxannes that I've seen recently (the AW07 bags) have all had shiny gold hardware - like the hardware on the Mabels. Also, they cost £650, rather than £595. I'm wondering if they were goat leather, like the Mabels, as the leather didn't seem as thick as darwin.

    But, as far as i can see, the web photos haven't been updated. And, in fact, the price is still £595. So I think the Roxannes on the website are still the same ones but the ones in store are different.

    If that's any help at all :lol:
  3. When I purchased my Bays, the NY store had glove leather Bays with shiney gold hardware and Darwin leather with brass.. (this could have been a us only thing)
    Like Dita says, maybe the Roxanne is a diff leather???

    I haven't seen them, but Roxanne seems like a more brass kind of girl! Mabel, yes on the gold, KWIM??
  4. Oh, so perhaps the Roxanne was glove, then? It seemed lighter, now that I think of it, so that's a good thing. However, I didn't think the shiny gold hardware went very well with the Roxanne. But great on the Mabel, as you say, Kroquet. And the Bayswater too. I think that suits either the brass or the gold.
  5. Yeah, its definately more shiny. Don't know whether its just me, but I prefer the brass look:smile:
  6. ^^^^ I agree, I am more of a brassy girl!! hehehe
    I do think that Mabel would be lovely with the gold though!

  7. Oh don`t - the red Mabel with the gold is fab, so is the new tumbled grain Mabel in brown oh and the new olive ........ shall I go on...
  8. Saw a load of new Mulberries in John Lewis & Fenwicks today including a white Roxanne with shiny silver hardware. It would be great for summer.
  9. I would say there are def more Mabel's in your future!!!:tup::tup:
  10. Saw both roxannes today beside each other.Don't like the shiny hardware at all,it looks like a different bag. Was staring at the two of them,SA asked me if I needed help and then said she hadn't noticed the change in hardware herself!!