Roxanne Darwin Balenciaga City?

  1. Has anybody come across this strange phenomenon? This week I bought a black Bal clutch on eBay for a friend (Xmas present). When it arrived it was lovely. But the label on the bag suprised me. It said on the back, ROXANNE DARWIN, then G11 OAK. The same thing happened to me a few months ago, again with a Bal bag on eBay. Both times the bags were lovely and the friends delighted. But what can this mean? ROXANNE is a Mulberry bag. Dunno what DARWIN means. One bag was Sienna and the other was black. Anybody seen this before? :confused1:
  2. That is really weird. I don't know what the heck it means, but yes, Roxanne is a Mulberry bag and darwin is the leather they use on the Roxanne; a thick, pebbled type leather. Confused!!!!!
  3. Girl, post pics. THat does not sound right for an authentic balenciaga....
  4. I can't post pics as I mailed the bags to their recipients. I only thought about this today when I realized I had seen the same label twice.

    Thanks for clarifying the Darwin thing, BadgerGirl. I didn't know that.
  5. Is it the bag label or is it possibly a tag that the seller puts on that must be in place for returns? To avoid the bait and switch of evil buyers, they place their own tags that must be present on all returns.
  6. I still have the label here for the clutch, simply because I detached it to look at it more closely and then forgot to mail it with the bag! It's the typical white cardboard balenciaga label. On the back there's a sticky label that reads (from the top down) HH 6122 342, ROXANNE DARWIN, G11, OAK. Then it says 1A/W04. There's a bar code thingy, then the numbers 5050041733608. Then Made in Italy. I might be able to post the clutch pic, as I received the bag very recently. But rite now I'm on my way to bed, as it's 1.30 am here in Ireland!
  7. The Darwin/Roxanne thing appeared on both the Bal bags I won on eBay. But they were sold by different sellers. Both had sticky labels on the back of the Balenciaga label. But I no longer have any pics/labels for the first gift. That one was purchased some months ago.
  8. do you have the ebay pictures maybe?
  9. Sorry to say, but that sounds dodgy
  10. Maybe you could tell us the ebay auction #?
    I'm not an ebay expert like most girls here, but I've never heard of such tags before!
  11. I think I may have solved this mystery. I'm going with the likelihood/theory that the tags were placed there by the seller, to discourage dubious returns. So thanks everybody. I learn new stuff each time I look here. I loved both those bags and they are now in new homes. I now have only one Bal bag, that my husband got me for my birthday. I'm delighted with my Cognac City too.