Roxanne and Elgin MIA from sale??

  1. Any thoughts are to why those bags are not in the sale????????????

    Just wondering what you all think.
  2. Not sure,don't think I've ever seen either of them on sale?? Maybe its coz they are still a currently used style? Hun,I have no real answer to this one,perhaps onr of the other girls will have a better idea???xxx
  3. I would think that the Elgin should be in the sale as the style is being discontinued, but I don't think that the Roxanne will be... I'm just guessing, though... :shrugs:
  4. ^^ I keep going back to check out the website thinking that at least the Elgin will get marked down. On the lookout for that ultimate Sarajane bargain!!! hahaha
    Maybe if I am not so stuffy sounding, I will call to some of the US stores tomorrow. DH will be working, so the CC can come out if necessary!!!:yes::okay::lol:
  5. kroquet -- what stores in the u.s. do you call? any mulberry in texas? houston? please advise!
  6. I bought my Bayswater from the Atlantic City store (SA Kristin)and arrived beautifully packaged, too. I didn't call today, too stuffy still. Will probably call Monday. No Mulberry store in Houston or anywhere else in this state. Maybe in the future, though!!! I go to Houston frequently as my folks live there. We could get together and hold some sort of sit-in and try to force a store opening!! hehehe
  7. I was disappointed about the Elgin too :sad:
    Maybe next sale?