ROXANA's humble collection...

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  1. I finally took the time to make a nice collection shoot. Been admiring all the other ones for some time now and decided it was time to make my own now!

    I've been collecting for a little while now. I never used to understand girls with bagaholism.. But then (about 2 years ago) I discovered the wonderful world of designer bags and boy, did I understand all of a sudden!:yes:
    And it has only grown stronger and stronger after joining TPF, you girls have the nicest stuff over here!!

    I tried to categorize a bit and added some non-bag items as well for decorating purposes :flowers::P
    Hope you'll all enjoy my addition... :shame:


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  2. 5. My two exotics (alligator and snakeskin)
    6. Michael Kors sandals and wristlet
    7. Goldenblue Luella bag, Fendi chef, Solas patent bag.


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  3. Your white patent leather clutch is TDF!! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. Thanks! I like it as well, it lights up on the inside when you open it.. very practival for nights out :smile:

    By the way, can you guys see the first 4 pics? because I can't. But maybe it's just my pc. Ever since the hardware upgrade on tpf I can't open some attachements anymore..
  5. Due to the upgrades on PF I can't seep pics of the first post, but let me say that your white cluch is so cute! :heart:
  6. wow, nice collection ... thanks for sharing!
  7. So here are the first 4 again, in case the attachement won't be mended...

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  8. I'm totally in love with your collection, congrats, it's great!! :heart:
    In particoular I like very much the Chanels, the Burberry (very classy!) and the Flora sandals, so cute and makes me think about summer!! :flower:
  9. Thanks Alice and sweetpurple!
  10. Great collection!
    I love your Chanels! And your Mirage Speedy is wonderful! :love:
  11. Love the Chanels and Mirage speedy!
  12. I really like the Burberry leather bag, and the Speedy - this site is getting me more and more into LV by the hour - oh dear!
  13. love your chanel and burberry collections :yahoo:
  14. Thanks girls, for your nice comments!

    And Babyjlo: LV does grow on you over here, it sure did with me! :smile:
  15. Love the Gucci Zebra!! Your collection is perfect!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.