Routh and Ford engaged!

  1. Brandon Routh is engaged to actress-girlfriend Courtney Ford. He proposed her earlier this month. Congratulations 4 them!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
    Btw, they will co-star in the upcoming short film 'Denial'.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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  2. co-star is sketch, but good luck to them they look adorable, soo cute together!
  3. Brandon Routh kind of scares me.. something about him just makes me think "creeeepy !!!"
  4. hehehehhee. good point actually.. hmm!!
  5. It's his WIIIIIIIIDE open eyes *shudders*
  6. congrats to them :yahoo:

    i agree, routh looks scary sometimes. i thhink he got a stunning figure but also kinda psycho silent killer :roflmfao:
  7. im not familiar with them, who are they? they make a nice couple!
  8. when i saw superman returns.. i didn't feel him for that role.. maybe i cannot accept that he is not as handsome as k reeves.. hehehe.. but looks like they are so inlove so congrats to them..
  9. He reminds me of American Psycho