Rounding up this season's purchases - PICS!

  1. Resort is here and sale is around the corner, it's time to round up this season's purchases... :shame:

    Bags and shoes first... accessories and luggage later..:p
    DSC00770.JPG DSC00776.JPG
  2. So those are all things you bought :drool::drool::drool: ??????? Wow
  3. Wow biscuiterie! You really went to town!!!! You got some gorgeous things. Congrats! :flowers:
  4. Ohhhh those are all beautiful!

    I'm going to Prada this week so I will take some pictures of whatever I buy, but you have got me beat by a mile! Love the fade shoes.:tup:
    Love them all!
  6. OMG...I'm hyperventilating! Your bags are gorgeous! And you got them all this year??!!??:tup:
  7. Love the shoes! I have been coveting a couple of those pairs.
  8. Absolutely gorgeous collection -- you got the patent fade bag I fell in love with !! How are you doing in those totally tall ombre patent heels? I just can't wear anything that tall anymore but thought they looked absolutely gorgeous!
  9. that's a huge hual and a wonderful one indeed!
  10. Yummy!! I'm foaming at the mouth!:nuts:
  11. WOW simply amazing!!! Can you tell the name of that large clutch to the right with gold lettering?
  12. thanks :love:
  13. Woah!!! Great stuff !!! Shoot I didn't realize you got all that loot..Did you post pics of ALL of that girl?!?! --just kidding!!! Enjoy!!
  14. :nuts::wtf::drool: