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  1. Has anyone been up there lately? My mother got me addicted to Coach purses, especially when she just handed me a nice red one (I wish I knew the style) for no reason other than I commented on how nice it was.

    Anyway, I was wondering if they have a good selection and what they usually have, or if anyone has been there lately, what they have right now.

  2. N of Austin?
  3. I was there today. They had almost all leather and factory only stuff. I originally intended to just go there but decided to drive the extra hour to San Marcos (which made my return trip an hour longer also - 4 hrs vs 3 hrs) and it was worth it. San Marcos had SUCH a better selection. If I had more money, I could have scored some cool bags. As it was, I bought a Legacy lined skinny mini from Round Rock and a Hamptons Hip pack that can also be worn as a small purse off the shoulder. When I get a new card reader for my micro sd card in my phone, I'll post the pics. Both stores were CRAZY busy!
  4. The one in San Marcos rocks. They are the one that lectured me about my buying habits. LOL I love the big new store they moved into. They used to have a small shop next to GUESS. They had alot of new jackets and stuff a couple of weeks ago. I want to go look again soon. Time to go incognito lol

    The shopping center added alot of new shops. Oh - They moved the D&B store too.
  5. The only bad thing about the outlet in SM is they are realllllly good at making sure they remove the original tags and everything. I used to could find some with the brown retail tag, dustbag, no factory mark, etc. It's very hard to do now. I found one signature piece with the retail store tag a couple of weeks ago and bought it - I get home and start going through all my new goodies and it's gone. :crybaby:
  6. Went into the new D&B today. I have a D&B cellphone case I got through Verizon but wasn't impressed with any of the bags for what they were charging.
  7. Did they still have the sale on the bags with cloth/denim/canvas? They had 25% off when I was there. I got some great deals on some sig bags. They might have run that sale just during the tax free holiday. They had some cute clearance things too.
  8. I was at the San Marcos one today... they had some good things but the ones I really liked weren't on sale. I settled for a demi (right?) that was $79 but it's so small.... sniffle.

    I really prefer the purses with the signature Cs on them so I guess I wouldn't like the Round Rock outlet. Dang. Although, I'm looking for wallets right now, the ones that are long and have checkbook holders in them. Did they have any of those at the RR one?
  9. I just returned from the Round Rock outlet. Took my son to college, and on the way home, stopped in. I didn't make the extended trip to San Marcos. Did you all see the hamptons carryalls they said had just come in? I had NO money for purses, but bought a soho black leather framed wristlet for 59.00. I am guessing this isn't "outlet made" you know? When I got it home, it had some wear on the inside of the frame part, so you could see the metal! I didn't look it over well enough. This wristlet has a removable strap, which I liked because I'll use it in my Coach purse.

    I also bought a key ring for 24...the patent leather cute! They had a great selection of key rings..just got in the heart w/the lock, and the one w/the dogs, hydrant...etc, for 40. They had the monkey, fish, owl, and many others for 24. I was interested in the fruit coin purses. They only had one left for 31.00...the lemon. I decided against it.

    When I asked them if a Hamptons wristlet was "outlet made" or from the store, they seemed confused. Someone had to they tell you the truth about this? I'd rather have something the stores carried, frankly. That's just me. I may return the framed wristlet due to the minor damage. LOVE the apple!!:heart:
  10. And...oh, I only saw one "checkbook wallet" (sig) and someone snatched it up. They had some cute SMALL scarf demi purses and a really adorable demi, with brown sig, and a red stripe on either side of smaller sig in the middle. Maybe I can find this stuff on the drilldown and show pics. I don't remember the names unless I write them down!! There were 2 hamptons was less than 200, and one that looked almost the same was close to 300! The sa pointed out to me (unsolicited) that the more expensive one had white stitching on the stripe down the front, vs. the other which had black. Both bags were black leather.
  11. Just about everything in the store was 20 or 30% off and a couple of clearance items were 40% off.
  12. They had some of the tan color. A few of the longer ones I believe. I didn't have anything to match them to so I passed. Was it a demi for 79? If so that's a good price. What does it look like?
  13. That demi sounds cute. I wish I had seen something like that... San Marcos had some of the little bags with "python" down the middle with a dogleash clip over the middle. They had it in a choc sig fabric (amongst others) but it was too small and the strap drop was way too short for me:crybaby: But it was a beautiful bag.
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