Round Coin Purse dilemma

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  1. I lucked out, tracking down this highly coveted round coin purse which I've fantasized about for months and moths and sold out everywhere. Now it finally arrived and I'm happy and at the same time ambivalent about this purchase.

    Notice the two monogram zipper sides are not lined up well, The zippers don't flow through from the beginning to end, and there's a hole when you thoroughly try to close the zipper all the way, but the ending clicks don't line up. Let me show you pics for reference.

    Tell me if you see something wrong and I should return it, or keep it because I never know when I will run into a round coin purse ever again.

    IMG_6235.JPG IMG_6234.jpg IMG_6238.jpg IMG_6233.JPG IMG_6237.jpg
  2. Looks fine to me! Although, if it really bothers you, then you should return it. Because in the end it has to satisfy your liking and not ours!
  3. It looks great to me! I honestly can’t see anything wrong about it.
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  4. Mine looks like that, too.
  5. The alignment of the monogram looks fine, I think you are seeing some natural distortion caused by the zipper. Mine looks the same. The zipper not closing all the way is odd, my zipper closes completely with no gap. That would bother me, too, tbh. I wonder if it’s just an overall decrease in quality, which I’ve heard people complain about; my coin purse is very old, I’ve had it for years.
  6. I love it. The zipper not closing fully would probably bother me too though . Not enough to return it but it would probably erk me as well.
    I think it's cute and I would keep it .I've wanted one for the longest time.
  7. What are u talking about? I don’t see any issues...
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  8. The canvas wouldn’t bother me. I had to look at your pics a couple of time to notice what you were talking about. It seems like it might be about 1mm off in the pics. The zipper ends do seem a little off but if doesn’t change the functionality or isn’t difficult to close then I’d be fine with it. Those are hard to come by and the next one might have worse problems. Having said that, I know what it’s like to have something be annoying enough that it bothers you all the time. So, exchange it if it’s always going to be on your mind.
  9. I would just use and love it. You will soon forget about it when using it. And if not then at least you have one. It took awhile to get one and i would keep it
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    Thank you people for all your comments. I have decided to keep it and enjoy it after thinking about it whole night last night and all day today.

    The round coin purse is so hard to come by, and I just love this design so much, there's no way I'm parting with it. I've put a little bit of lip balm on the zipper and now the zipper runs really smoothly.

    This little thing just makes me smile every time I look at it. It's definitely a keeper!!! :smile::smile::smile:
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  11. Looks good to me ;)
  12. Looks great to me! Congrats on your purchase
  13. I am very happy you decided to keep it! :smile:
  14. Glad to hear that you are keeping it. I love mine.
  15. I had the opportunity to compare a few of these in store. And your one would be considered good! The canvas on the others didn’t line up at the base and the zipper was way more crooked. Enjoy it in good health!!
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